Paetch Payatorn Deity has proved to be one of the magic that attained mastery in and is famous for, after repeated success from those who rented this amulet..

The magic of Petch Payatorn is considered to be one of the highest form of Maha Saneh wiccha.

Paetch Payatorn are known as “Gandharva” or “Half human and half angel” in Hindu Mythology. Gandharvas are very charming and intelligent.

They are also real lovers, very romantic and possesses great magical capabilities to make anyone fall in love.

Gandharva are experts at playing musical instruments and magicians.

There are also very few masters in Thailand who knows how to create Paetch Payatorn charms.

The amulet gives the wearer the same ability as of a Thep Paetch Payatorn – Charming, Attractive, Intelligent, Seductive and the ability to gain more popularity and compassion from others.

This amulet also helps with business negotiations, sales, avoid bad influences, improve social status and avoid any form of backstabbings and politics.

Many different Paetch Payatorn amulets for sale made from different masters.

Highly recommended for those who are working in night life and entertainment industry.

Also suitable for sales person, business owners and traders.

Phra Pirab Occult Specialist

Block 34 Whampoa West #01-33 (330034)
Boon Keng MRT Exit B,

Once u come out the MRT Escalator turn back, behind the MRT Toilet you can see Blk 34, the first shop you will see is a Boon Tong Kee restaurant, just follow the long corridor and walk down u will see our shop as we after in the middle.

Operating hours 11am – 8.30pm daily

Sunday & PH : Closed

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