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About Us

A little thing about us…

Aghoreshwar Babaji Rai is a great Kali Maa Siddha Bhakt (Devotee) and a present day Aghori from the lineage of Baba Kinnaram, Krim Kund Sthal, Varanasi, India who has successfully mastered various types of Aghori Siddhis and Tantra. He is also very well versed in Thai and Indonesian occult sciences through his years of learning and experience when he traveled around South East Asia seeking occult knowledge from different Gurus.

During Babajiʼs early days, he used to help people whom he knew personally or though referrals by close friends and family members only. Since the founding of Phra Pirab Occult Specialist here in Singapore many years back, Babaji opened himself up to the public with the intention of helping those who are in need. With more than 18 years of experience in the occult arts, Babaji has successfully helped thousands of clients who are facing different problems in their life. Babaji has also given hope to many and has helped reverse the fortunes of those who sincerely seek his help.

Although Babajiʼs specialty is in removing the evil and harmful effects of black magic and expelling evil spirits via exorcisms, he has also helped many clients who are facing problems with their relationships (couple reconciliation, calling back ex lover etc) businesses(improving sales and increasing revenue), boosting oneʼs career prospects etc.

Part of Babajiʼs specialities are making powerful talismans such as Yantras, Taweez (Takrut), Charm Oil and Amulets. Babaji can also customize them according to the clientʼs need to achieve any desired outcome. Most common are to win lottery, attract wealth, improve business, be lucky with gambling or trading, increase attractiveness, attracting a desired person, calling back a ex lover, getting a desired job, winning law suits or court cases and etc. There are many we can name but most are very sensitive.

Baba also specializes in making his own love charms and attraction oils which are widely popular and flooded with many positive testimonials today, that also includes his signature custom made items such as Wealth & Gambling Taweez, Vashikaran Taweez (calling back ex lover), Saath Mahabali Veer Asura Taweez, various type of vashyam cream and many more which can be found together with their testimonial on the main business page “Phra Pirab Occult Specialist” Babaji does not care about the race or religion of those who approach him for help, what matters most to him is sincerity. Babaji is very down to earth and straight forward. Babaji is also very honest when it comes to finding the cause of his clientʼs problem and takes every case seriously even when it comes to simple rituals or blessings.

Babaji does them with full concentration and commitment. This is the reason why Phra Pirab Occult Specialist where Babaji is based at is flooded with positive testimonials from the people whom Babaji has helped over the years. Babaji has clients from all over the world who traveled all the way to Singapore just to consult him. People from different walks of life and status but regardless, all are treated equally and receive the same help. Words cannot express nor justify just how much and to which extent Babaji can change a personʼs life. We are just a phone call away. If you are facing any problems in life be it spiritually, financially or love wise, feel free to consult Babaji and get a solution to your problems. Experience for yourself why so many people wait daily to consult Babaji at our humble premises

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