Indonesian One Punch KO Azimat Plat Bahu Plat Jawara Rajah Talisman.


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Indonesian One Punch KO Azimat Plat Bahu Plat Jawara Rajah Talisman.

Made by a Pawang In Jakarta , Indonesia who Specialised in Pencak Silat Combat Spells and Ilmu kebal and Ilmu Pecut.

This Rare Script of Spells for Self Defence is named Plat Bahu Plat Jawara traces it origins to Local Ancient times where it was common used by Great Warriors of Lore to defend themselves and attain supernatural powers of combat.

Inscribed with Ayat Plat Bahu Plat Jawara, an ancient magical formula of Spells that were widely practiced and also used as a talisman
by traditional Silat Warriors so that they will become Invincible against Physical Harm from Sharp Weapons,
believed to Perform Effective and Deadly Martial Arts Movements and also become Invisible during battle against Enemies.

This azimat is of Traditional Pencak Silat Origins and was empowered for the Sole and Exclusive Purpose of Self Defense in Martial Arts or when being Attacked.

This Ancient Talisman believed to grants the Wearer with the Supernatural ability to knock out an Opponent with just One Strike.

Believed that wearing this talisman confers the wearer with Spontaneous Martial Arts Combat Movements subconsciously in times of Critical Danger as Martial Art Azimats like this are known to possess Many Powerful Supernatural Energies that originates from Specific type of Warrior Jinns or Spirits of Ancient Silat Warriors, in whom, are Invoked during the consecration ritual.

By possessing this Talisman You will also possess a Strong Charismatic Power of Authority and be Feared by your Enemies, you will be blessed with an Increase in Inner Strength (Tenaga Dalam ), Devastating Striking Power and Super Fast Reflexes and you will be bestowed with Invulnerability from Sharp Weapons (Kongkrappan / Kebal)

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Properties believed using this Plat Bahu Plat Jawara

– Ability to have Effective Martial Arts Movements to Defend against Enemy Attacks

– Develop Great Courage and High Charisma

– Increase Inner Strength ( Tenaga Dalam )

– Devastating Striking Power and Reflexes

– Ability to be feared by enemies

-Invulnerable from enemy attacks and their weapons

– The Power of the Punch (One Punch Knock-Out)

For those who practice Martial Arts as a sport, we also highly recommend this talisman to give yourself a good advantage in fights and competitions.

We only advice that one should not misuse this talisman for the wrong purposes as its made solely for self protection and defense against unanticipated attacks from foes.

For those who practice martial art as sport, we also highly recommend this talisman to give yourself a good advantage in fights and competitions.

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