Pure Natural Wesi Kuning / Besi Kuning Martial Art, Invincibility and Striking Power


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Pure Natural Wesi Kuning / Besi Kuning

Martial Art, Invincibility and Striking Power

This is the Indonesian equivalent of “Lek Lai” , a magical stone known to possess supernatural energy that can make the wearer becomes
invincible from bodily harm and confers the ability to knock out an opponent with just one punch.

This metal has been around for hundreds of years and its the main choice for ancient Silat Warriors for use in combat.

Besi Kuning can only be found in certain caves inside a Killer Hornet’s Nest. By itself, its already difficult to obtain.

It looks bright yellow and has a golden spike.

The solid piece is then collected from a skilled Shaman or Bomoh , molted together with 7 different types of sacred metals.

The liquified besi kuning can magically move on its own free will and a good Bomoh can easily control the liquid to move in any direction he wants.

The stone is then made into a ring for wearing and its the Number 1 sought after material in Indonesia,
Malaysia and even Singapore because it is known for the wearer invincible against sharp weapons (kebal).

It is believed to also protect the wearer from spiritual attack, black magic and dispel evil spirits.

Because of it believed to be magical energies, the Besi Kuning ring can also knock out a person easily with a simple hit.

In Indonesian, Susuk Penumbuk (Punching Power) is often used by Besi Kuning Needles.

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