The Wua Tanu ( Sacred Bull ) Amulet By Luang Phee Tor Wat Manee Wong is believed to protect the Owner against Black Magic Spells, Spiritual Attacks , Protecting owners properties and more.


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The Wua Tanu ( Sacred Bull ) Amulet By Luang Phee Tor Wat Manee Wong

The Wua Tanu ( Sacred Bull ) is a legendary animist buddhist Talisman that was made by a few knowledgeable and experienced master monks in the yesteryears.

The wicha or scriptural knowledge required to create such a scared amulet was passed down both orally and in the written tradition from master to disciple over generations.

The first or earliest practical use for the Wua Tanu amulet is believed to guard crops, the fields of the farmers and property.

The Wua Tanu Sacred Bull was tasked with protecting the crops against damage, against theft because sometimes thiefs went into the fields at night to steal fruits and crops that had been painstakingly grown by the farmers. There was also roving bands of bandits and robbers who would sneak in at night under the cover of darkness and rob unsuspecting innocents.

The Wua Tanu is believed to be created to magically guard against such possibilities and protect the owners.

It is believed by scared incantations The spirit of the Divine Sacred Bull was called forth and requested to reside inside an effigy of a bull made using old school ingredients known to be very auspicious for such an amulet.

In later versions it is believed some master monks also included incantation spells to enable the Wua Tanu Sacred Bull to protect the Owner against Black Magic Spells and Spiritual Attacks.

The Wua Tanu is one of those Legendary Krung lang Amulets of Yesteryears of whose knowledge has slowly been forgotten over the passage of time as society slowly modernised and evolved.

As is the case with the changing times the Wua Tanu Sacred Bull amulets and details have slowly been forgotten. I hope my write up will shed some illumination into the lost Art of making Sacred Bull Wua Tanu Amulets by the Master Monks of Yesteryears.

As times and needs change alot of things have become redundant but i sincerely believe the Wua Tanu Amulet is something we should revive if not for anything else then simply for the sake of the Ancient Sacred Art itself.

The Wua Tanu Sacred Bull made a brief appearance in the Barnyard Fight Scene from the Popular Thai Movie called the Necromancer.

We do stock some Wua Tanu Amulets that almost never are noticed hence my taking the effort to share more about these amulets themselves.

Many Master Monks had been recognised as being most talented in Creating Efficacious Wua Tanu Sacred Bull Amulets in the Past and my write up is in my own way of paying homage and respects to them.

Regards, Babaji

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