Phra Somdej made by the Luang Phor Phum , Wat Kok Sawai , made in year BE2473, 93 Years ago.


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Phra Somdej

The above four Amulets were made by the Luang Phor Phum , Wat Kok Sawai , made in year BE2473, 93 Years ago.

This Amulet is well nearing a Century of Creation now as it marks its 93rd Year of having been made by a most revered Monk Luang Phor Phum that I believe more people and amulet collectors should get to know about.

Made using what is believed to be 108 Sacred Holy Ghost Powders.

This Batch of Somdej was created and kept in the Grook in year B.E2469-70 at Wat Kok Sawai together with out Amulets made by Luang Phor Phum.

Together with the Somdej, 3 other Types of Amulets were believed to have been made in the same Batch, namely the Phra Narai Ghost Amulet, Phra Pidta Holy Ghost Amulet , Phra Khun Phaen Holy Ghost Amulet.

LP Phum is believed to have created these amulets to help raise funds to renovate the Temple and these Amulets are believed to be considered to be his very first batch of amulets ever made in which he was known to use Neua Din (Soil) to mix with Pong Phee ( Holy Ghost Sacred Powder) and also Holy Sacred Powder from Wat BangKhunphrom together with 108 rare herbs and powder mixture to insert underneath and mix into these amulets.

After making all these amulets, it is believed that Luang Phor Phum then kept them the Ubosot of the temple from B.E2469.

It is a widely accepted fact in the Spiritual Community that Luang Phor Phum was also a Teacher of very Famous LP Hock or the Phra Leela Amulets fame and he was also the Teacher of the Very Famous Archan Nuu of the Great Ghost Pidta Fame.

It is believed that both Luang Phor Hock and Arjahn Nuu learnt only from Luang Phor Phum how to make effacious Amulets using the Sacred Holy Ghost Powder Formulae of Luang Phor Phum.

It is believed that following the instructions of Luang Phor Phum, both his disciples , Luang Phor Hock and Arjahn Nuu went on to create super effective amulets.

These Amulets created by the Disciples now easily fetch thousands sgd dollars in todays Times.

Unfortunately not many Amulet Collectors knew about Luang Phor Phum and his great contribution to the art of Making Amulets which is why his Amulets are not as well known as they should be.

For those who do know about Luang Phor Phum they consider him to be the Very First Monk Ever in History to Create Sacred Holy Ghost Powder Amulets and that too that his Amulets are believed to be the most powerful Ever made without any questions.

After much Seeking we have managed to get the Complete Collection of Luang Phor Phum 108 Sacred Holy Ghost Amulet series which include his Somdej, Phra Pidta, Phra Narai and Phra Khun Phaen.

It is believed that all Luang Phor Phum Amulets are great for All Rounder Blessings and Superior Protection from All Bad Things and Misfortunes. I , Babaji highly recommend these Amulets which I have collected personally.

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