Lp Thuad with Phra Pikanet known to bestows knowledge, wisdom, success, wealth, prosperity and fortune to the worshipper.


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Biography of LP Thuad

LP Thuad is one of the most respected father (monk) in Thai history. He is regarded as the most powerful and venerable saint.

LP Thuad amulet is the no.1 choice in Thailand when it comes to protection of one’s dear life and there are countless of stories of how a LP Thuad amulet has saved one’s life from sure-death situation.

LP Thuad worship is also very common in Thailand and can often be seen in shop houses, property, office building and mostly vehicle to protect the wearer from accidents.

In Thai legend, it is believed that even if a LP Thuad amulet is not blessed, factory produced, hand made etc.

As long it is an image of LP Thuad, it will still have 100% power and blessing.

This amulet is without doubt the No.1 amulet when it comes to protection from physical harm, dangers and untimely death.

LP Thuad amulet is also known to protect the wearer from black magic and evil spirits.

However, there are many reported cases of LP Thuad saving people’s life from terminal illness and disease.

In Thailand, LP Thuad amulet is also worn for good luck, good business, smooth sailing and overall Metta Maha Niyom.

Thai People believe that having a LP Thuad statue in a shop will greatly boost business and make the business successful without any problems.

So this amulet can also be worn for all round blessings not only protection.

Two famous true story of LP Thuad according to History.

When LP Thuad was just 6 month old, his parents were working in the rice fields and left the baby of LP Thuad lying on a blanket under a tree.

At noon when his mum returned, he find a huge python curled around baby Thuad.

At first she panicked but then she noticed that Thuad was comfortable so his mum believe that the snake was a deva.

Instead of trying to chase away the snake she found some flowers and offered to the reptile.

The snake responded by moving away from Thuad and spit out a red crystal ball (now famously known as Naga Mani) which his mum kept. Later on a wealthy burmese family found out about the crystal and robbed it from LP Thuad family.

Soon after they experience mysterious death and never ending misfortune happening to their entire family and went to seek help from a monk.

The monk told them that they are cursed by the Deva after stealing the crystal.

They then returned the red crystal to LP Thuad family and apologized.

(LP Thuad during Monkhood)

One of the most famous story of LP Thuad was one which he was on a boat travelling to Ayuthaya, then the capital of Thailand. As the boat was sailing in the gulf of Thailand the ship got caught in a terrible storm.

The weather became so bad until everyone onboard including the crew panicked.

The storm lasted for days and the ship ended up getting lost at sea with no fresh water to drink. For some reason everyone on board begane to suspect that LP Thuad was the cause of their misfortune and they planned to throw him overboard into the sea until LP Thuad performed two miracles. 1 – he caused the sea around him to become calm and secondly he stepped his right foot into the water and turned the sea water around the boat into fresh drinking water.

He then became known as the miracle monk and the whole Thailand came to know about this incident and everyone started praying to him.

Phra Pikanesh / Lord Ganesha is one of the main supreme god of Hinduism and Thai Buddhism.

Phra Pikanet is known as the remover of obstacles and also bestows knowledge, wisdom, success and wealth to the worshipper.

It is very common to see Phra Pikanet statues venerated in businesses, shops and homes as they are excellent for attracting Harmony, prosperity and fortune.

Lord Ganesha is well known for bestowing wealth and fortune to devotee. In South East Asia, many people worship Lord Ganesha for wealth, good business, health and safety.

The Image of Lord Ganesha itself symbolizes soul, intellect, self confidence, highest authority and eternal wisdom

Lord Ganesha Can also grant devotee’s wishes and help to achieve all desire, material wealth and success in all walks of life.

Thai people believe that wearing a Lord Ganesha amulet can help the wearer transform his bad luck into better fortune, achieve longevity, recover

from illness and always be successful in career, exams, competitions and trading.

Lord Ganesha amulet is also very good for protection.

This amulet is also very good for health, success and good fortune!

This amulet is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their luck, wealth, gain more knowledge and also for those who are facing many obstacles in life and need help overcoming them.

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