Tiger Spirit Talisman for Martial Art, Protection and Authority


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Tiger Spirit Talisman for Martial Art, Protection and Authority

Our Tiger Spirit is believed to be a magical talisman and was empowered and blessed for the sole purpose of self protection from physical attacks and for martial arts purposes.

The powerful talisman has inscriptions from shamanic scriptures and “ayat” or yantra, and is also believed to be empowered with a tiger spirit to serve as a bodyguard for the wearer.

They are known as a natural supercharger for such entities.

This is ensure that the tiger spirit in this talisman is always kept well fed and fully energised without having it to be empowered again..

Magical properties of this item and their known benefits.

– This talisman is known to give the wearer, the strength and
striking power of a tiger, giving the ability to cause serious damage and potentially knock out a person with 1 blow (1 punch ko)

– It is believed to help you to have effective martial arts movements (even without martial art training or knowledge) to defend against enemy attacks

– The wearer is known to naturally develop great courage and confidence when it comes to facing troubles and problems.

-Known to help one to develop, strong charismatic power of authority. Believed to bring a very powerful aura that automatically makes anyone who looks at the wearer, to be respectful and feared by enemies or people with ill intentions

– If is believed that one will be Invulnerable to physical injuries that may come from sharp objects or weapons (Kongkrapan / Kebal)

– Known to aid you to escape from danger with a strong sixth sense premonition, if something bad was about to happen. (Klaew Klaad)
– It is known to deflect away from you, ball kinds of black magic attacks and evil spirits

– Known to Confer strong vibes and positive (YANG) Energy for the wearer. also known to dispel negative vibes and evil influences
-Known to Protect one from diseases, illnesses and “Yin” energy that can cause physical or mental stress.

Many more positive benefits can be achieved.

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No special offering or mantra is required.

It is fully empowered by a well known Indonesian Shaman, whom Babaji came to know during one of his earlier trips to Indonesian.



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