Khun Paen Playboy Takrut


Yant Maha Khun Phaen Playboy Takrut 2022 Edition, With Mani Gajah ( Namman Chang ) This is the latest Batch of Phra Khun Phaen Playboy Takrut with Mani Gajah and 5 pairs of Bulu Perindu Love Roots made by exclusively by Babaji. The Yant Phra Khun Phaen itself is a very Old School Yant first formulated and used in Wat Bang Krang , Suphanburi and learnt by Babaji over the years.

The Effects of this Takrut by Babaji is believed to be meant for Metta Mahaniyom ( Great Popularity ), Metta Mahasaneh ( Great Attraction ) , Siang Chok ( Good Luck and Fortune ) , Choklarp ( Unexpected Wealth and Windfall & Opportunities ), Metta Karuna ( Great Loving Kindness and Compassion ) and Klew Klad ( Powers of Evasion from Dangers ).

This Yant itself is that Babaji had learnt the exact same Yant that legend holds Phra Khun Phaen used to inscribe onto talismans he made for himself to wear which made him extremely popular and attractive to the Ladies, Chieftains and Bandit Leaders whom he came in contact with and made allies of. This Yant is very Popular in the Regions of Suphanburi and is well known by the Arjahn Sak Masters residing thereabouts.


This Yant Maha Khun Phaen works in such a way that when worn it would make the wearer believed to seem very attractive and mesmerizing to the people he comes into contact with. It is believed to find the wearer that someone they wish to make close friends with and keep in touch with all the time.

The power of the Yant is further amplified and greatly strengthened by babaji adding many pairs of Bulu perindu Love Roots which is known to have its own natural and mesmerizing qualities whereby the person who comes into contact with the wearer of such a takrut with Bulu Perindu will keep on thinking about the wearer, have vivid dreams about him or her and be very restless to see the wearer of such a enchanted takrut.

In summary , Babaji has made this takrut with the intention that it can be used by those who have need for it for whatever purpose they wish to use for. This Takrut Maha Khun Phaen takrut new and improved 2022 edition is believed to be most excellent to start a new relationship. It is believed to be very helpful to people who wish to find a good mate and settle down in life, It is believed to be most Effective for breaking the ice and getting the attention of the people that we are attracted to

*The wearer of this takrut believed to when comes into contact with the person he or she wishes to attract after chanting a special mantra which we will provide can make the targeted person start to miss him or her continuously, and that affected person will become very restless to meet the wearer of this takrut and do his or her bidding.

The wearer believed to enjoy other blessings such as:

• Amazingly powerful enchanting presence.
• Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Gender
• Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness
• Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.
• Possess a high level of charming aura
• Remote Attraction through chanting mantra
• Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily
• Gain high level of popularity & fame
• Easily gain favours and sympathy from others
• Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking
• Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you
• Make others listen to you and do as you say
• Winning in any Negotiations
• Able to attract customers / clients and easily close deals
• Possess a strong sense of self confident and high in self esteem
• Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition
• Power of Evasion from Dangerous Situations and be spiritually guided to safety.

* With the Knowledge That Babaji possesses About Metta Mahasaneh Wicha , Ilmu Pengasih and Vashikaran Vidya , he has combined and used his full scope knowledge in creating this Takrut so please be warned that The effects of this Takrut Maha Khun Phaen are known to be extremely strong so it should be used responsibly with due care so that one doesn’t incur bad karma.

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