Nang Prai Tanha Klab

This is believed to be one of the most hardcore and powerful Mae Hong Prai amulet made and strongly blessed by a very well known Master AJ Pu Ee.

Consecrated using ancient Khmer method for love.

This amulet is known to grant wishes effectively with extremely quick results without having any side effects or payback to the owner.

With simple offerings, it is believed the owner can request for any desires to be fulfilled.

This Amulet is believed to help owner increase chances in games of luck.

This amulet is also known to be very good for love attraction.

It is believed carrying this amulet itself brings about strong charisma and ability to charm and draw the attention of the opposite sex.

The wearer is believed to possess immense charm and it is known to help the owner with attracting the desired person or calling back a ex lover.

This amulet is known for assisting the owner with bringing more wealth, business, sales, career and many more.

Imagine this as a very strong amulet that can do everything and protect the owner from any kind of danger.

This type of amulet is believed to be excellent for bestowing sixth sense and whispering to the owner to tell what is about to happen.

Phra Pirab Occult Specialist

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Boon Keng MRT Exit B,
Once u come out the MRT Escalator turn back, behind the MRT Toilet you can see Blk 34, the first shop you will see is a Boon Tong Kee restaurant, just follow the long corridor and walk down u will see our shop as we after in the middle.

Operating hours 11am – 8.30pm daily

Sunday & PH : Closed

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