Raja Pengasih Cenuai oil, King Of Charm and Attraction – Known For it’s Strong Charm, Strong Attraction & Strong Charismatic Power, believed to Salvage Relationships


Raja Pengasih Cenuai Oil, is known as the King Of All Charm & Attraction – Known For its Strong Charm and Attraction properties & its Charismatic Power This is believed to be a very powerful enchantment oil, and available for sale, exclusively at PPOS, (while stocks last) and Made exclusively by Aghoreshwar Babaji.

For those who are curious and keen to know more about this Oil, please read through. The main ingredient for this oil is the Akar Cenuai or Cenuai Root is known to be by far the most powerful attraction ingredient used to make enchantment oils that is known to make anyone have strong feelings with the wearer. (Especially the opposite gender)


The Cenuai Root can only be found in deep jungles and mountains. The root is first soaked in specially blended oil that Babaji makes with 108 different flowers extract which will then be empowered during various ceremonies. The Cenuai Root has been used throughout centuries by shamans or bomoh, to create potent love spells because the root is believed to bring immense charm, loving kindness and attractiveness for the user.

The Cenuai Root is almost as effective as the most potent Nam Man Prai available in it’s effect, but made entirely of natural ingredients from nature with none of the bad side effects. This oil is also known to be used for many different purposes.

– Believed To increase charm and charisma.

One of the main qualities of Cenuai is that it helps the user attract the opposite gender with its strong magnetism energy and has the ability to enchant the heart of someone whom the user is trying to attract.

It is as simple as applying the oil on the eye brow and be face to face with the desired person and the magical effect is known to naturally do its work! Even without applying the oil, just by simply carrying it, the user is believed to still possess such immense charm that could trigger the feeling of “falling in love” to anyone the user come across.

– Believed to gain loving kindness, sympathy and compassion from others easily.

This term is known as “Pemanis” or “Maha Niyom in Thai”. It simply means the wearer will always be treated with compassion from everyone even if its a complete stranger. The user will possess a strong charm that could easily melt the heart of others, making it very easy for the user to ask for favors or to avoid any form of conflict with others. This is also very good for career progression, social climbing, and for those doing sales and business.

– Believed to help the wearer to have the ability to easily influence the heart and mind of others and easily convince people.

When it comes to business negotiations, sales, proposal, presentation or simply trying to climb up the corporate ladder, this is known to help.

This is one of the main magical properties that the Cenuai can bestow. The user is known to also be able to gain popularity, good rapport and always be looked up upon favourably. If you are keen please do PM us,

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