Noo Nod Nom Meow (Mouse feed on mother cat) See Phueng / Charming wax, believed to bestows compassion, affection and sympathy towards the wearer.


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Noo Nod Nom Meow (Mouse feed on mother cat) See Phueng / Charming wax

Maker / Temple : Luang Pu Thar (Wat Tosapon Mungkalaram)

Brief Introduction

The amulet version of this See Phueng is very popular in Thailand and among collectors around South East Asia, Thailand and Singapore back in the days.

Only limited quantities were made for this batch / version.

The cat and mouse have always been spiteful enemies, but through the great knowledge and wicca of LP Thar, he was able to bring this two animals together into the amulet which symbolizes a few mouses feeding on the mother cat’s milk.

Only a grandmaster with great virtue can do this.

Noo Nod Nom Meow, the image represents and bestows great Metta Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness).

Hence, this see phueng / charming wax will make the wearer be loved and gain compassion by everyone and have no enemies (It will turn enemy into friend). People will have compassion, affection and sympathy towards the wearer.

This phueng / charming wax improves personal charisma and bring great popularity to the wearer.

The opposite sex will also fall for the wearer in no time (Maha Saneh) It can also be used by business owners, sales person and professionals who are required to meet clients on a daily basis as it will improve their performance significantly as the amulet is also believed to bring great wealth, fortune and good luck to the wearer.

This can be used during business negotiation as its strong Maha Niyom properties can give the wearer a upper hand in any risky business deals.

It is also recommended during sales as the buyer will have compassion towards the wearer and end up closing a deal just because he/she feels compassionate.

It can be also carried around like an amulet.

Magical Properties

-Improve charisma and bring great popularity

-Gain compassion and loving kindness easily

-Bring great fortune and wealth

-Good luck and smooth sailing

-Helps greatly with business negotiations / sales

-Improve gambling/lottery luck

-Turn enemies into friends

-Be well loved by everyone around

-Attract unexpected windfall

-Be well liked and favoured by superiors/boss/colleague

-Strong attraction towards opposite sex

-Appear very charismatic during any social events or presentations

-Protection against dangers, accidents and unpleasant events

-Easily get away from disputes or trouble

-Win in any arguments

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