Lersi Sitthi Kodom Amulet by Lunag Phor Boonmee Wat Ban Goom Yaso, Chanthaburi Province


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Lersi Sitthi Kodom Amulet.

Year: 2559 B.E (2016 C.E.)

Lunag Phor Boonmee

Wat Ban Goom Yaso, Chanthaburi Province

Luang Phor Boonmee, Senior Monk of Wat Ban Goom Yaso in Chanthaburi province, Eastern Thailand.

LP Boonmee specialise in Metta, Luck and wealth, he is a junior of LP Rit, a famous Northeastern Thai Guru Monk and a disciple of LP Saeng, Samnak Non Kaw, Buriram province and LP Gob, Wat Khao Salika, Lopburi province.

LP Boonmee achieved fire kasina, meditation by concentrating on the fire to strengthen his mind power.

LP Boonmee used the following ingredients to consecrate this amulet.

– Mixture of 9 Holy Metals

– Only 299 pieces were created.

– Each piece comes with a different serial number.

This amulet was further blessed by LP Boonmee by inviting angels from different levels from heaven, land and the sea to give blessing.

The Hermit or Lersi image is standing on the Naga which he is blowing holy wind that is believed to bring good luck, good things and wealth into a devotees life.

It is believed to turn bad luck into good luck and wealth to the devotees.

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