Image of LP Toh Buddha Amulet Wat Pradochimplee for Wat Inchampa B.E 2517 believed to bestows Great Luck, Wealth, Metta, Business, Career Progression, Good Fortune and Blessing to Worshipper


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Self Image of Lp Toh Buddha Amulet

Made By-Lp Toh Wat Pradochimplee

Year-B.E. 2517

Made to secure donations for Wat Inchampa

This is a very rare Self Image of Lp Toh Buddha Amulet that was made by Luang Phor Toh in the early days when he was considered at the Peak of his Powers.

Luang Phor Toh is believed to have hand moulded this Self Image of Lp Toh Buddha Amulet.

Luang Phor Toh is very famous for making Pidta and Somdej Amulets and devoted much time to making such amulets.

So it is a very rare find to see an Amulet such as the Self Image of Lp Toh Amulet in the market today that was actually made and blessed bu Lp Toh himself.


This Self Image of Lp Toh Buddha Amulet
is believed to bless the Worshipper with the Following ,

– Improves One’s Metta / Maha Niyom Ability like Interpersonal Relationships, Loving Kindness and Compassion by others.

– Bring Great Luck & Wealth to the Worshipper

– Increases One’s Windfall and Speculative Luck

– Improve The Worshippers Business / Sales and helps Invite and Attract New Opportunities to Generate More Income and Financial Growth

– Attract & Accumulate Good Fortune and Blessings

– Bless the Worshipper with a Smooth Sailing Career and a Trouble Free Life

– Bless the Worshipper with Success In Work, Career and Business

This Self Image of Lp Toh Buddha Amulet made by Lp Toh is extremely rare and hard to find nowadays, esp at the price point of $300 plus dollars given that his more popular Amulets go for a few thousands in todays Times hence this is a amulet you dont wanna miss out on, made by one of the most powerful and highly respected Monks of all time, Luang Phor Lp toh,Wat Phra Doo Chim Plee, Bangkok

People believe that Any Amulet Made by Luang Phor Toh may bring in Wealth, help in Career, Life and Business and Trade for Owner.

* There is a famous Thai saying , its Better to Keep a Pu Toh Amulet than keeping Gold. Meaning that People consider a Luang Phor Toh Amulet more Valuable than Gold.

Biography of LP Toh:

LP Toh was born on March 27, 1887. He was ordained as a monk at the age of 20 on July 16, 1907.

LP Toh was strictly devoted to meditation and Samadhi. He is one of the most famous all time Guru Monks.

Many people respected Luang Phor Toh for his vast knowledge and likened it to Somdej Toh.

LP Toh had learned meditation with Phra Arjarn Prom. Also, he had learned magical knowledge from many guru monks such as Phra Arjarn Rung of Wat Tha Grabue, LP Niem of Wat Noi, LP Nong of Wat AmPhawan, LP Phum of Wat Bang Khlo, Arjarn Mhee, Arjarn Dum and etc.

Lp Toh was a beacon of Knowledge and Light to Many and was highly revered by a vast multitude of Monks and Laymen alike.

LP Toh passed away on 5 March B.E.2524 at the age of 93 years old.

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