Ah Peh Rong Si Ngow Kim Koi, AKA Ah Peh Rongsi Loop believed to bestow Extreme Luck, Fortune, Great abundance of wealth and protection to wearer,


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Ah Peh Rong Si Ngow Kim Koi, AKA Ah Peh Rongsi Loop.

The most highly popular and respect Taoist master from Thailand who created this Yant. Extremely powerful for WEALTH FETCHING, LUCK BRINGING, SUCCESS IN EVERYTHING AND OVERALL BLESSING OF ABUNDANCE AND FORTUNE.

Highly popular and saught after even among celebrities (as seen in the photo) , wealthy business owners, successful people and even normal laymen to improve their life and career.

– Bring Extreme Luck & Fortune to wearer

– Attract riches, unexpected windfall.

– Always prosper, always rich and always success in all ventures and trade

– Always progressing in career and in any walk of life

– Super positive energy for bringing good luck hence bringing good opportunities and wealth

– Always have money and never go poor

– Will never lack financial and material well being and can always achieve anything

– Great abundance of wealth and luck

– Protection from all kind of misfortune and bad luck

– Protection from all type of dangers or accident

It is also believed that whoever wears this Loop will receive blessings and guidance from Ah Peh Rongsi himself together with the heavenly Devas. This locket bless the wearer with Maha Heng (Great Lucky) and prosperity.

Those who wear this locket experience tremandous improvement in luck and receive unexpected windfall all the time or securing big business deal / sales etc.

Ah Pae is famous in Thailand for being able to tell people’s fortune just by looking at them. For those who are having difficult times and bad fortune, Ah Pae would custom made his own personal “fuu” or locket for that devotee to wear through out the year to remove their bad karma and bad luck.

This amulet however can be worn by anyone.

Highly recommended.

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