9 Planet Takrut


Babaji’s Luck and Destiny Changing 9 Planets Navgraha Takrut for Abundant Wealth & Good Fortune and Luck Year 2022 Batch. This Amazing Yantra is Rolled up into a Takrut and ready to wear.

This Special Batch was first made specially in the Year 2016 after Babaji encountering Many People who had Consulted him for Astrological Readings and it was discovered that they were facing many Problems due to Unfavourable Planetary Movements and Allignments. After Much Thought and Careful Precise Checking on Vedic Remedies in Babaji’s Ravana Shanhita Texts, Babaji devised and created this Yantra to serve as the Ultimate Remedy.


Auspicious Sacred Powders and Holy Grains are also added to further enhance the powers of the 9 planet takrut and to ensure an Abundance of Material Comforts and Possessions in Life always.

Please do Note that The 9 Planets Navagraha Takrut can be worn for the many Years to come and is not just for the Specific Year you Purchased it in. The purpose of this Yantra in simple layman terms is known to influence all the 9 planets to be in favor of the wearer at any given time.

In Hinduism and other religions, it is believed that when one’s luck is very good and at its peak ; for example when the Person wins a Nice Lucky Draw Prize or He or She receives Unexpected Wealth ; at that very moment, the Person’s Planetary Alignment is perfectly aligned and in Perfect Harmony thus ensuring whatever He or She does, They are sure to succeed in it.

Such rare auspicious planetary alignments result in a positive influence in the person’s life at that specific point in time. However, the phase of all the planets or “Graha Kundali” are constantly changing every day, every hour and minute so when someone receives unexpected good luck, that does not mean it’s to happen again anytime soon because when the planetary alignment changes, so does the person’s luck.

It is widely believed that Planetary Alignment can influence a person’s luck in Both Positive and Negative Ways. For example if someone’s planet is not in favor, then the person will experience Bad Luck, Sudden Illness, Unexpected Financial Losses (through Business) and Even Accidents which could cause Untimely Death in the Worst Case Scenario. These Problems could be Avoided and there are Certain Vedic remedies to counter the Negative Influence and Ill effects of Unwanted Planetary Movements So this Navgraha 9 Planet Takrut was specially designed and custom made by Babaji and is believed to – to influence all the 9 planets to be in Great Favor the Owner so that He or She will enjoy the Positive Benefits and be Extremely Lucky at Any Given Time Especially more so when Closing a Important Business Deal or Closing a Big Sales etc.

When all the 9 Planets are in Favor of the Owner, He or She is believed to always be enjoying Good Luck and be Enabled to Obtain Positive Results in any Given Situation. This special 9 Planet Navgraha Takrut is empowered with the symbolic numerical essence of all the 9 planets. Each specific numeral has a vibration unique to one of the 9 planets so in total there are 9 numeral sets corresponding to the 9 planets, each giving out a specific vibration and corresponds directly to the planet like Surya, Ketu, Rahu, Mangal, Shani and so on.

The 9 Planet Navgraha Takrut is Highly Recommended to be worn on the person either on a chain or kept in the pocket or wallet. It can also be kept in a Safe Box where you keep your Cash and Jewelries or on your Property at the Altar of Wealth / Fengshui Corner. You can also place your Lucky Items together with this Takrut for a higher chance of success.

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