Roop Phu Chuchok Made and strongly blessed by Luang Phor Somphong, Wat Maipinkliaw


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Roop Phu Chuchok

Made and strongly blessed by Luang Phor Somphong, Wat Maipinkliaw

Phu ChuChok is famously known as the beggar who became a millionaire with a beautiful wife.

Due to his brilliant history, Phu Chuchok became deitified and is worshipped by many people.

Amulets and Buchas bearing His image have proven extremely effective at boosting one’s wealth, attracting a sudden windfall from unexpected sources and helps the wearer generate more income through business or sidelines trades.

This is highly recommended for those having jobs in sales / commission or business trades because Phu ChuChok is believed to possess the powers of Metta Maha Niyom – the ability to charm anyone and receive great loving kindness and great outpourings of compassion by total strangers, hence everyone gave Phu Chuchok lots of food, a great amount of money and gold, land , property and even their Daughter without even knowing him well.

That’s the amount metta mahaniyom Phu Chokchok generated.

Chuchok is known to the Thais to be one of the best amulets for bringing in great wealth, improve one’s windfall luck and is deemed very effective for the attainment of all desires.

Phu Chuchok can also grant wishes and sincere requests in times of need.

Phu Chuchok is very easily pleased with the chanting of his katha, with any of the simple offerings of either coffee, tobacco, betel nut leaves and areca nut.

History of Phu Chuchok

Chuchok was an old barman from Kalingkarat Province and was born to be a Merit Partner of Wesandorn Bhodhisattva as he was destined to the both “the Taker” and “the Giver” of Merits and it is Phu Chuchok who was the one to fulfill and complete the meritous power of Wesandorn Bhodhisattva.

Phu Chuchok ended up becoming a very rich millionare having started off by being a beggar.

Among amulets listed on the boards of magic and mysterious objects, Phu Chuchok is widely recognized and accepted as one of the very best amulets for seeking Great Fortune and Favor from others.

Senior monks and Magicians alike, like to create the Idol of Phu Chuchok for their disciples because it brings about Great Wealth, Good Fortune and Much luck in Life.

This Phu Chuchok Bucha also brings great wealth through any source of income whether its derived from Business and Trade, Great Windfall Luck.

The Worshipper of Phu Chuchok will get the same quality as Phu chuchok had and enjoyed , by not ever being a beggar in life and instead always getting Wealth and Good Fortune wherever they go.

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