PT Kloy Wat Phukhaotong Lersi Tafai Loop believed to bestow good luck, good things and wealth.


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PT Kloy Wat Phukhaotong Lersi Tafai Loop

The Late Phor Tan Kloy is believed to have been one of the Greatest Monks with very High Visha and Samadhi Powers in Modern Day Thailand. He is known to have consecrated very powerful amulets with many stories or Miracles associated with them. Phor Tan Kloy is highly revered by Devotees throughout the World who are known to swear by the efficacy of his amulets. This is one of the Amulets personally blessed by him. Very Rare to come by in present times. Highly Recommended.

Lersi Tafai is believed to be one of the most powerful Lersi in supernatural powers, Wicca (Magic) and Authority. He is often worshipped or invited in every spiritual ceremony/rituals or Sakyant empowerments because he is the one who empowers and teachers all the spells and amulets, that is why Lersi Tafai is commonly worshipped by Thai Ajahns.

Some believe that Lersi Tafai is the avatar of the supreme Hindu God – Lord Shiva and bestows great spiritual knowledge and Wicca to Thai Ajahns who worships him.

Properties of this amulet which is believed to bestow the following

– Protection against Black Magic & Evil Spirits

– Protection against Accidents or any form of physical dangers.

– Bless its wearer with great spiritual knowledge and wisdom

– Automatically empowers Sakyant tattoos and other amulets worn or kept by the user when placed on the same altar.

– Good Luck, Smooth Sailing and guidiance in all walks of life with the divine blessings of Lersi Tafai.

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