Phra Srisalangang LP Yam Wat Sam-Ngam B.E. 255x (5th Batch)

Phra See Sa Lang Ngang

BY- LP Yeam,Wat Sam Ngan

Introducing a Special Batch of Amulet from Wat San Ngam,


Phra See Salang Ngang Phra See Salang Ngang, It is known as the “Drunken Spirit” while some believed it to be a “Mountain Deva” or a Deity that is somewhat similar to a Kumantong but with much more Formidable and Far Reaching Powers.

LP Yeam learned the method of consecrating Phra See Salang Ngang amulets directly from his guru the legendary LP Tae.

So far from our years of dealing in amulets, we have not seen any other master or temple produce or even attempt to Phra See Salang Ngang amulet.

Even so, it is believed such amulets wont be as effective as ones from Wat Sam Ngam made by the original masters

Phra See Salang Ngang is believed to be excellent at Granting Wishes, improving Business and Trade, Windfall luck, Speculative Luck, and also helps with Day to Day task Specific Requests.

He is believed to be very adept at Protection and Security as well and can be requested to look after the well-being of a Person and Or Premises.

Although there are many articles that claims Phra See Sarang Ngang is believed to be used for Charming and attracting the Opposite S ex.

it as strictly advised by LP Yeam himself that one should not use this misuse amulet for opposite S ex attraction unless absolutely necesary as these amulets are believed to be extremely potent in those areas and there have been high incidences of misuse.

it is believed that Luang Phu Yaem decided to stop making this Amulets precisely because of Misuse hence the reason why there are so few batches for these amulets.

Instructions by LP Yeam:

1 – This amulet should only be worn below waist level,

2 – Offering will be White rice wine Simply pour a little bit on your palm and rub it on the amulet.

This is also another method to request Phra See Salang Ngang for help or to perform specific task.

Please pm us if interested

Complete Katha will be given apon purchase.

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