Phra Somdej “Rasami” Wat KlongKhom B.E 2460 Chanted by LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtao


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Phra Somdej “Rasami” Wat KlongKhom B.E 2460 Chanted by LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtao


Luangpu Sook Phra Somdej Putthaman Russamee.

Known to be One of the best of Thailand’s amulet. 100 years old.

This Batch of amulets are believed to be extremely powerful have been through intensive blessings and created by Luangpu Suk Wat Pakrongmakarmtao.

Thai people had open the kru since B.E.2520 and these amulets have been admired by many experience collectors for decades now.

Posted in many magazines, this is a Genuine and very rare White Holy Powder Lp.Sook’s Phra Somdej 100 years Amulet.

Luangpu Sook is known to have created this batch in B.E.2460, Luangpor Aum(his disciple) put in the kru of Krongkhom. (Kru = Pit under the pagoda).

When Luangpu Sook was still alive, he used to been invited by many temples to visit their Ceremonies to consecrate holy items. For one of his disciples, Luangpu Sook created this batch with purpose to help gain donation to build the Temple at Wat Krongkhom

Luangpu Sook is believed to have followed the same way Somdej Toh created Phra Somdej Pimjawragar the black Phra Somdej, each of bookpalm leafs he wrote with his yant spell letters and old scrolls book made from book palm leafs. Altogether Luangpu burnt them into black holy ash, while doing that he did walking meditation around the fire together with Luangpor Aum.

Thai people believe that this method will make the ingredients effective for the purpose of Good Health and the wearer is believed to become invincible.

PhraSomdej Ner-Phong-Khan-Sorb wrote with yants spell letters using white chalk and rubbed it out mixing it into the white holy powder mixed with Pong ittijay the main holy powder used in creating the amulet mix with Tung-Aew oils.

This amulet is believed to bring Strong Protection, Good Fortune to the wearer, protect from Dangers, Misfortune, Evils/Darkness and Negative Energies

Phra Somdej Amulets are believed to bring Great Respect and Authority, ( Maha Amnaj Barami ) and Great Popularity and Love ( Metta Mahaniyom ) from all who behold the wearer of the amulet.

These amulets are very similar to Phra Somdej amulets made by Somdej Toh founded at Wat Barngkhunphrom(Wat Intraviharn in B.E.2500+).

When they had finished making these amulets out from the mold, They were then daily chanted over for a period of 1 trimarth (3 months).

According to evidence recorded at Krongkhom and local people of sarm chuk, there was a big consecration ceremony of these amulets in B.E.2460.

In this Consecration in attendance was Luang phor Aum as an abbot of the temple and Luang Pu Suk who was presiding over as the leader Monk of the ceremony.

In this ceremony there were many monks who had joined from Supanburi province, Chainarth province and all around the region.

The well known monks that joined this ceremony are

Luang phor Boi Wat Manao,

Luang phor Aim Wat Hua Kao,

and Luang phor Parn Wat Barng Nom pho

These amulets was given for free to those who came to the ceremony and donators who help build the Temple.

After the ceremony, there were some left over holy powder amulets so Luang pu Sook decide to put them in the “kru” for future expansion of the temple, one at Chukchee under the main Vuddha statue inside the Temple and one under the pit of the pagoda infront of the Temple.

At the kru, it’s was inscribed and written “Luangpu Suk’s amulets kru” and mentioned as Luang pu Suk’s amulet from old kru Krongkhom Supanburi.

Some of The ingredients used came from the following Materials

1) Rein Lor, mixed metals type alloy more to brass.

Phra Somdej amulets riding kruith(garuda), crushed into powder from many mold types.

Luangpu Sook also took some amulets with him to give to people at Chainarth province.

2) Ner-Phong-Bai-Larn, the famous bookpalm leafs black holy powder,

Crushed powder from the grey black colour image of Phra Somdej Russamee Buddha meditation on 3 bases amulet.

3) White Holy powder Pong Puthamman which consists of the standard mixing of powders derived from crushing old amulets like Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang with ittijay holy powders.

There was only one pim(mold) made using the powders of the following the amulets

Phra Somdej Khansorb,

Phra Somdej Khangrom,

Phra Pidta Luang Phor Toh both big and small Phim size and the special pim Phra Somdej Toh Wat Rakhang.

4) Holy powder from the crushed Phra Somdej amulets that were pinkish red in colour, many pims were used and each was very rare even in those times.

All these very powerful and rare amulets were used to make this very special Phim of this Amulet

Phra Somdej “Rasami”

Luangpu Sook’s amulets were opened at the kru(at the main buddha statue) Krongkhom in the Year B.E.2520 , 46 Years ago and then new amulets continued to be discovered for several years after that had been buried.There are very few amount of amulets available now as since then many experienced collectors have collected them all.

* This is believed to be more than a century old ( 100 Year old ) very powerful and very very rare Amulet made by one of the greatest monks who ever lived and it had also been blessed by some of the top 5 monks who ever lived.

This known to be a die die do not miss Amulet to wear , treasure and pass down to our future generations for sure.

Pls pm if interested to own this piece. We have only 1.

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