Phra Pikanesh/ Lord Ganesha Amulet Luang Phor Moon Wat Baanjarn for Wat Sublamyai B.E 2521 believed to bestow knowledge, wisdom, success, wealth, prosperity and fortune to the worshipper.


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Phra Pikanesh/ Lord Ganesha Amulet

Luang Phor Moon Wat Baanjarn for Wat Sublamyai

B.E 2521

Phra Pikanesh / Lord Ganesha is one of the main supreme god of Hinduism and Thai Buddhism.

Phra Pikanet is known / believed to be the remover of obstacles and also bestows knowledge, wisdom, success and wealth to the worshipper.

It is very common to see Phra Pikanet statues venerated in businesses, shops and homes as they are excellent for attracting Harmony, prosperity and fortune.

Lord Ganesha is believed to bestow wealth and fortune to devotee. In South East Asia, many people worship Lord Ganesha for wealth, good business, health and safety.

The Image of Lord Ganesha itself symbolizes soul, intellect, self confidence, highest authority and eternal wisdom

Lord Ganesha is believed to grant devotee’s wishes and help to achieve all desire, material wealth and success in all walks of life.

Thai people believe that wearing a Lord Ganesha amulet can help the wearer transform his bad luck into better fortune, achieve longevity, recover

from illness and always be successful in career, exams, competitions and trading.

Lord Ganesha amulet is also very good for protection.

This amulet is also believed to for good health, success and good fortune!

This amulet is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their luck, wealth, gain more knowledge and also for those who are facing many obstacles in life and need help overcoming them.

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