Mae Yoni Chin Arthun.

Made by the Late Luang Phor Pinak , Wat Samnamlao in year 2510 to 2519 Est.

Comes with certificate of Authenticity

This Mae Yoni Chin Arthun is believed to be a legendary Powerful Spirit Amulet made by Luang Phor Pinak.

For those who know what this is and how the Legendary Mae Yoni Chin Arthun was made by Luang Phor Pinak then not much explanation is needed.

Yes we indeed have a very early batch Mae Yoni Chin Arthun Prai Spirit Amulet made by Luang Phor Pinak in our possession and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Card to ensure the Buyers Piece of Mind.

Close inspection of the Photographs of our Mae Yoni Amulet will clearly hint at its age and most unique ingredients used by the Master Sorcerer Monk Luang Phor Pinak.

Mae Yoni means Mother Yonee.

She is believed to be an extremely Powerful and Formidable Female Spirit with Powers wide and far reaching and She is known to be empowered by Shakti Mantras by the Late Luangpu Pinak.

There are known to be several Legendary Tales told about The Mae Yoni Chin Arthun Amulet made by Luang Phor Pinak and how it is believed many miracles are attributed to them.

The Favoured Monk of Choice for Royalty, Military Generals and Police Chiefs, it is believed that Luang Phor Pinaks devotees comprises a great Number of such esteemed Patrons as mentioned above.

Luangpu Pinak Mae Yoni Chin Arthun Amulet is believed to be very effacious for Wish Granting, Fullfillment of Desires, Superb Protection, Banishing Evil Energies and Much More.

It is known to also be used in Sorcery and Witchcraft Purposes as it is believed that the Mae Yoni Prai is able to deal with Hard Tasks easily and Impossible Feats to accomplish are easily completed with the Help of this Powerful Spirit of the Mae Yoni.

A Brief Biography

LP Pinak was known to be one of Thailandā€™s greatest mediation masters having learnt meditation from perhaps the greatest masters of all time Lp Mun Buritoe, and being a close associate of Luang Ta Mahabua of Wat Pla Bundat Janwad Udonthani, was able to achieve high levels of mediation concentration reaching higher realms.

This along with wiccha (magic) that LP Pinak learnt for over 42 years of being a forest monk enabled him to create some of the most powerful amulets ever made in the history of Thailand.

Being able to attain high levels of meditation, LP Pinak also obtained additional wiccha taught to him by a Deva (during his meditation in a higher realm) called Prah Palimard or Prah Sood.

Lp Pinak was very famous for namely The Dao (Star amulets), Duang Tar Pattien, Palakid Hua Chamut, Palakid Ling Tong Kum, Mae Yoni Chin Arthun, Tarkruts Debuk and several other Deva or Buddha amulets which are very highly sought after by Amulet Collectors and Traders alike today.

One of Lp Pinak’s specialised meditation methods was by looking or gazing at a dead body , whereby he differentiated between the phenomena that divided the soul from the body apon death and the stages if decay of the body rendering it back to the 5 elements.

He advised all other monks who came to see him requesting to learn his magic wicha to see the dead bodies so that they knew the nature of human condition.

They kept practising this extremely hard meditation methods and did intensive meditation and as a result kept a lot of dead bodies.

He was planning to build temple and needed to make amulets . During his meditation , he saw the star and eyes, and God Jelumtan wanted him make Palakit Hua ChakMuk ( Palakit Animal Head using wood).

Both Gods and spirits of dead bodies frequently asked Lp Pinak used their bodies and Ingredients to make amulets.

The spirits hoped they could help others with their power and they hoped by doing so they would be able to receive good merits.

It is believed Dead bodies that were dried were used to make powder and oils.

These amulets are strictly not black magic or Barang but instead regarded as the Highest form of Meditation Methods which any Master could do.

It is believed some of the amulets made by Lp Pinak consisted of human flesh, meaning there are spirits inside.

Thais believe these amulets made in such a way by Lp Pinak are believed to be very very powerful and bring great luck to them, it is especially very effective for the Wish granting abilities.

There is so much more that can be said about Lp Pinak Amulets, but suffice to say, I would just be repeating whatever has already been mentioned by people better than myself.

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