Mae Nang Phim Amulet, Luang Phor Up (Wat Tong Sai) in year BE 2549 believed to be extremely effective for Granting wishes, Wealth, Windfall Luck, Increase Charm & Attraction


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Mae Nang Phim

Made by the original grandmaster to start making Mae Nang Phim amulets – Luang Phor Up (Wat Tong Sai) in year BE 2549

.Luang Phor Up was the first Monk in Thailand to start making Mae Nang Phim amulet because one day while LP Up was doing Samadhi (Meditation), Mae Nang Phim approached LP Up and asked for him to make an Effigy if her son that she could help people.

After LP Up agreed, Nang Phim taught LP Up on how to consecrate powerful amulets of her to help the people.

LP Up even built a shrine in his temple with a huge Mae Nang Phim statue for people to worship.

It is believed that Many woman would pray to her for blessings with relationships, business and even before child birth for smooth delivery.

As for men, they would normally ask for Windfall Luck, Wealth and Her blessings in their business or work.

Mae Nang Phim should not be mistaken as Mae Eper or Mae Hong Prai spirits.

Mae Nang Phim is considered a lower realm Deva.

This special batch of of Mae Nang Phim are made using many charming herbs and golden Flower powders with hand written yants by Lp Phor Up. At the back there is also a hole within which sacred mass is believed to be filled.

This amulet may be worn by both man and woman.

This Amulet is believed to be good for the following,

– Granting wishes and desires

– Increase Charm & Attraction towards the opposite sex

– Improve Love Relationship / Bond

– Mae Nang Phim is known to help to call back a ex lover and reconcile or Salvage Relationships

– increased in confidence & self esteem

– Strong Charismatic appeal and magnetism (female)

– Promotes strong Interpersonal Relationship with everyone

– Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness & Compassion)

-Safety and Protection against any form of dangers

– Helps Improve Sales/Business

– Wealth Fetching and increase Windfall luck , Speculative Luck

– Attracts unexpected windfall

– Serves as a guardian/bodyguard

Many More when requested through simple rites and offerings.

History/Origin of Mae Nang Phim

Mae Nang Phim was a woman who is believed to have died during childbirth. During the olden days, pregnant woman do not have the luxury of being in a hospital with ultrasound and proper equipments for delivery, They could only rely on shamans and natural remedy like water or wine for pain relief. Many woman died during labour because of too much pain or losing too much blood.

The same tragedy is believed to have befallen to Mae Nang Phim. During her labour, Mae Nang Phim experienced many difficulties, lost her child and eventually both died.

During the labor, she is believed to have prayed to the high deities that no other woman should experience the same pain she went through and sought blessings for all the woman to have a smooth delivery.

Because of this, it is believed that the Devas/Deities/ and Buddha himself was touched by her willingness to hang on till her last breath for the sake of her child and hence it is believed she became deity-fied as a lower realm deva after she passed away.

The Proper method of care and offering will be taught upon purchase.

Highly recommended for both men and woman who are facing problems with relationship, with business and career and financial difficulties, as Mae Nang Phim is believed to be a Patron Deity of Such People and is known to respond especially fast to them.

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