Lersi Por Gae

Por Gae Lersi, is a highly revered Thai Lersi Deity of Ancient Renown, every field of artists/stage performers will pray to him in Thailand because Phor Gae is the sagely secretary/scribe.

Purpose is to transmit knowledge to the world.

There are many Legends about many different Lersi.

One of the Lersi to be found so often mentioned in Thai Mythology, is Por Gae Lersi Thai Fai (Sometimes spelled โ€œPho Kae Ta Faiโ€). The legend of Highly Developed Beings has been told in different Mythologies and Cultures around the world.

In Thailand, there are also various legends of โ€œPu Wisedโ€, or Lersi , Arahants or Yogis.

These Lersi are said to have possessed various powers, such as Knowledge of herbal medicines, minerals, magical invocations, and supernatural abilities, such as Levitation, Teleportation, Alchemy, and Mind Reading.

These Lersi with special powers are reputed to live reclusive lives in the forest, on mountains, and in caves.

They Practice Meditative skills and mental development, using secret methods passed on from mouth to ear by their lineage mentors.

Lersi commands respect and gives knowledge to those ready to accept the power that comes with the Lersi Path.

Worshipping Lersi brings a full range of blessings and protective magic of the Boroma Kroo and the Immense Power and Protection of the 108 Lersi Hermit Sages.

This Amulet is believed to bestow the followings

1. Kong Grapan

2. Klaew Kaad

3. Gae Aathan

4. Gan Kun Sai

5. Choke Lap

6. Metta Mahaniyom

7. Serm Duang

8. Kaa Khaay

9. Maha Sanaeh

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