Hua Suea Scorpion Palakit, believed to be excellent for attracting wealth, preventing Bad Luck and Misfortune


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Hua Suea Scorpion Palakit

Scorpion charms are believed to be very lucky for Windfall and attracting wealth in Thai culture throughout history.

There are also sakyants dedicated to scorpion.

This charm is classified as “Khrung Lang” meaning Animist magic by using the energy and spirit of that particular animal to help the wearer.

This amulet is also very lucky for sales and business owners.

During olden days in thailand, real scorpions are also used as a very protective charm because of its incredible defence machenism and natural protective qualities.

For example, the scorpion has a strong exo skeleton and a very deadly stinger that injects venom to its pray and paralyze it. Other then being a very good protection charm, Thai people believe that scorpion can also “catch and paralyze” opportunities and customers in sales.

Generally this amulet is meant to be worn to increase one’s wealth luck but it also comes with many other great benefits as well as the Hua Suea (Tiger head) on the palakit , is an extremely powerful and effacious Amulet for preventing Bad Luck and Misfortune, Black Magic and Sorcery and for Repelling Negative Energies and Spirits while as the same time inviting Good Luck and Fortune and ushering in Prosperity.

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