Great Attraction Eyeliner “Shree Lalita TripuraSundari Vaishyam Mai Khojal” 1st Batch of 2021 Known for to be powerful Vashikaran Eyeliner – Believed to Charm, Influence the Heart/Mind of Others & Strong Attraction



Great Attraction Eyeliner “Shree Lalita TripuraSundari Vaishyam Mai Khojal” to be 1st Batch of 2020 Known for to be powerful Vashikaran Eyeliner – Believed to Charm, Influence the Heart/Mind of Others & Strong Attraction

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it will with great pleasure that we announce Shree Lalita TripuraSundari Vaishyam Mai Khojal,1st Batch of 2021 November, Known for being an extremely powerful Vashikaran Eyeliner which is Believed to Charm, Influence the Heart and Mindof Others & for Strong Opposite Gender Attraction.

This was Consecrated by Babaji and made from Scratch using All Natural Ingredients.

🔊 This is the Ho Liao that many of you Brothers and Sisters have been waiting for more than 1 Year since the 2020 batch was sold out.

⚫ It is Finally BACK IN STOCK Again.

Only 7 Containers are available!!!

This Special batch was made and Strongly blessed by Babaji due to Overwhelming Request from Customers who had used his previous Batches whose Stocks had run out.

Babaji is Known for to be one of the Few People who is very Well Versed in the Art of Tantric Alchemy and had managed to Use this 🌹Secret Flower as the Primary Component for His Vaishyam Mai Khojal.

The Primary Component for the Main Ingredient is this Flower Itself which is Believed to be the Most Favoured Flower of Choice for Devi Maa. It is Known for – Ancient Shakti Scriptures that by offering this Flower to the Goddess, It is believed to becomes Greatly pleased and confers onto the Worshipper any boon of their Choosing.

This was consecrated during the Krishna Paksha waning Moon on 23/11/2021 , Tuesday which is Believed to deemed a very Powerful Period in Time to make such Charming and Mesmerising Vaishyam Mai Khojal.

The Goddess Invoked was Shree Lalita TripuraSundari Devi who is known for also the Empowering Deity.

Another Main ingredient used for making this Enchanted Eye liner is “Gorochan”, Which is believed to be very Powerful Tantrik Ingredient that has been in use for Attraction Charms since ancient Vedic Times by Tantrik Practitioners and Shamans in India to create powerful Vashikaran Potions and Talismans.

🔮 The Word Vashikaran literally Means 💫 Believed to”The Ability to Charm and Influence the Heart/Mind of Others and Subjugate them to the Will and Desire of Another”

◼️ This Eye Liner is Believed to be applied and worn to boost One’s Attractiveness, Charisma and Self Appeal.

◻️ Those who look into the Eyes of the Wearer are believed to be automatically Impacted by its Powerful Effects.

◼️ The Wearer is believed to be able to also use this Eye Liner to Influence the Minds of Others to be favourable towards Him or Her.

◻️ This is believed to be a Great Advantage for those who are working in the Sales and Business line so as to be Successful in any Tough Business Negotiations and Dealings.

The Speciality of Babaji’s 1st batch of 2021 Lalita TripuraSundari Vaishyam Mai Khojal is Known for that Simply cannot be detected that Anyone Has Worn Any Eye Liner itself because of Babaji’s Special Way of Making the Vaishyam Mai.

It is Believed that Once applied to the Self it melts and becomes Invisible to the Naked Eye.

Babaji is Known for the First and Only one to develop such a secret process whereby this is made possible.

You are most welcome to try and see for Yourself.

Apart from the above Other Blessings that are believed to be enjoyed by the Wearer this is also –


🔸 the Ability to influence the Hearts of Others and Convince a person easily without needing much effort.

🔹 This Vaishyam Mai can even be applied in a Special way that is believed to attract a Desired Person to fall in Love especially on a Date. We would Teach that Method of Application to the Customer.

🔸 As per Vedic Beliefs, applying Vaishyam Mai is a very Effective Remedy against Dristhi or “Evil Eyes” cast from Malicious people or “Xiao Ren” who feel Envious and Jealous.

🔹This Vaishyam Mai of Babaji is Believed to Protect the Wearer from Unexpected Downfall, Bad Luck and Sudden Illnesses which may be caused by the Negative Energies emitted by the Effect of the Evil Eye.

🔸 Finally its is believed that when this Batch of Babaji’s Lalita TripuraSundari Vaishyam Mai is applied, the Eyes of the wearer will appear Very Attractive and Charming Due to its Strong Vashikaran Properties and People will find it hard to tear their Gaze away.

🔹 For the person to fully utilise Babaji’s Vaishyam Mai’s great Vashikaran Effects, it is Advised that the User maintain Direct Eye Contact When Looking or Speaking to the Desired Person.

The Vashikaran Magic is Believed to Work Automatically When They look into the Eyes of the Wearer.

Very simple to Use and Strongly Recommended.

Babaji’s 1st batch of Lalita TripuraSundari November 2021 Vaishyam Mai Khojal may be used by both Men and Women.

Only 7 Pieces were Made.

Pls pm us if you are interested.

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