Vashyam Mai Khojal by Babaji believed to be Enchanted Eyeliner Kohl for Charm, Attraction and Hypnotic Power



Vashyam Mai Khojal by Babaji believed to be Enchanted Eyeliner Kohl for Charm, Attraction and Hypnotic Power

Special batch made and strongly blessed by Aghoreshwar Babaji due to overwhelming request from customers.

This batch was consecrated during Full Moon and No Moon period which is knoen to be a very Powerful Period in Time to make such Charms.

One of the main ingredient used for making this enchanted eye liner is “Gorochan”, known to be a very powerful Tantrik ingredient that has been used since ancient Vedic by Tantrik practitioners and shamans in India to create powerful Vashikaran spells and rituals. Vashikaran literally mean “the ability to charm and influence the heart and mind of others

– This Eye Liner is believed to be worn mainly to boost Attractiveness, Charisma and Self Appeal. It is believed Those who look into the eyes of the wearer will automatically be Impacted by its Effects.

– It is believed One can also use this Eye Liner to influence the mind of others, This is a great advantage for those who are working in the sales line and to be successful in any tough business negotiations.

– It is believed The wearer will be able to influence the hearts and minds of others and convince a person easily without needing much effort.

– It is believed This Kajal can even be worn to attract a Desired Person to fall in Love especially on a date.

– It is believed According to Vedic Lore applying Kajal or Khol is a very Effective Remedy against Dristhi or “Evil Eyes” cast from Malicious people or “Xiao Ren” who feel Envious and Jealous.

This Kajal Khol is believed to also Protect the Wearer from Unexpected Downfall, Bad Luck and Sudden Illness which caused by the Negative Energies emitted by Evil eyes.

– When applied, it is believed the Eyes of the wearer will appear Very Attractive and Charming Due to its Strong Vashyam Properties and People will find it hard to tear their Gaze away.

For the person to fully utilize its great Vashikaran Effects, it is believed the User must maintain Eye Contact When Looking or Speaking to the Desired Person.

The Vashikaran Magic is known to Work Automatically When They look into your Eyes.

Very simple Usage yet Highly Effective , Strongly Recommended.

May be used by both Men and Women as a everyday Cosmetic Albeitly with Great Benefits.

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