Fortune Thep SiHuHaTa (4ear5eye)

Made and strongly blessed by AJ Subin in year BE 2556. Comes in two different phim.
This amulet is known to be excellent for wealth fetching, attracting windfall, riches, fortune, prosperity and good business.

This amulet bestows

-Chok Lap (Sudden/Unexpected Windfall)

-Maha Lap (Great Wealth)

-Maha Phokasap (Great Luck & Fortune)

-Metta Karuna (Ability to be well liked by everyone)

-Maha Niyom (Gain compassion and loving kindness easily)

Thep Sihuhata is still being worshipped by many people for good luck, wealth and fortune.

Sihuhata amulets are still very popular among local Thais and amulet collectors all over the world.

There are many people who have experienced sudden windfall while wearing SiHuHaTa amulets.

This amulet is known to increase your luck in games of chance, sideline income, Business and Sales tremendously.

SiHuHaTa or Thep Inn (5 eyes & 4 ears) is the Legendary Mystical Beast-form of Phra Indra, the Heavenly King.

According to old legends, SiHuHaTa the beast liked to feed on burning charcoal and it’s excrements turned to solid Gold that had brought a lot of Gold and Good Fortune to the owner.

-It is known to be most excellent for Wealth, Fortune fetching and Prosperity,

-Known for bringing in Good Luck especially in Business, Trade and Commerce,

-Known Boosting our overall luck in all aspects of our life thereby ensuring Lasting Happiness and Harmony through the Blessings of Good Fortune and Wealth.

-Known for Blessings of Abundance ensuring there is a lack of nothing in our lives and that all material possessions are more than enough and more than needed.

***Thep SiHuHaTa is known to have great power for fulfilling the worshiper’s each and every desire and wishes.

It is believed, by the Thai people that, when you ask Thep SiHuHaTa, all your wishes will eventually be fulfilled.

Kruba Subin is widely considered to be one of the Masters who can make and consecrate very powerful Thep SiHuHaTa amulets and Buchas.

This is a stunning piece of SiHuHaTa Bucha which is not to be missed.

It would make a great addition to any Altar.

It can be placed on our office table or kept in shops and any place of business so that we may enjoy the blessings of Thep SiHuHaTa.

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