Mae Yiper

Extreme Metta Maha Niyom Mae Yiper

Made and strongly blessed by AJ Nan Aek Chiang Mai. Features the image of Mae Yiper deity. Made from charm herb powder soaked in metta oil with takrut, in koo roop and gems embedded at the back.

Mae Yiper is an animist deity who resides in the mountains who have risen above the realms of the spirit world and underworld. Mae Yiper represents nature itself, hence depicted as a lady with her legs open showing her yoni in a act of giving birth.

Mae Yiper amulet bestows strong loving kindness, attraction towards the opposite sex, popularity and Metta to the wearer.

Mae Yiper is also good at granting wishes, fulfilling favors and help with love matters.

Mae Yiper is also very good for bringing wealth, business, protection and safety from all harm.

AJ Nan Aek also instructed to spray some perfume before wearing to further enhance its Maha Saneh effects.

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