Customise Kali Haldi Known For,Powerful Tantric Item~ Believed To Bestow Dispel, Negative Energies,Dispels,Evil Eyes,Attract Wealth and Bring Prosperity For Family,Increase OfBusiness & Sales



Customised Kali Haldi Known for being a Powerful Tantric Item, This is Believed To Dispel Negative Energies, Dispel Evil Eyes, Attract Wealth and Bring Prosperity For the Family, Increase Of Business, Sales, Trade and Commerce.

Price as listed. Pm to Pre-order. Only Available on a Pre-Order Basis.

Seen in Pictures is a Customized Kali Haldi by Aghoreshwar Babaji for a customer who ordered one.

999 pure gold leaf applied with Red Sandalwood paste which is known to further amplify the effects.

🌟Wrapped in custom colors cloth with various wealth fetching mantras written in it.

Black Turmeric (Kali Haldi) is believed to –

Black Turmeric, unlike normal turmeric which is known to be Yellow in colour, is believed to be Extremely Rare and Very Sacred Tantric Item that can only be found between Nepal and India.

They are known to rarely grow and for having their own seasons, making the Kali Haldi extremely difficult to obtain.

Kali Haldi is believed to be one of the most powerful tantric item used by Tantra Siddhis and Aghoris all over india mainly as a form offering to the fierce goddess Maha Kali Maa as a “Tilak” to please her and during sadhana or pooja.

Many Religious people are believed to be having a Kali Haldi at home as it is known for being very auspicious.

It is believed to contain divine energies that can ward away bad luck, negative energies, spirits and even dispel black magic.

Known to be Best remedy for “Evil Eyes”

Kali Haldi is also known for being one of the most effective remedies to dispel the ill effects of Evil Eyes or “Kala Dristhi”.

Evil Eye is believed to be very Harmful and Negative in many Cultures and Religions, and is known to be the main cause of bad luck.

In indian culture, the casting of “Evil Eyes” is known to always the first suspect to be blamed when someone who is well-to-do to experiences a sudden downfall, bad luck or unfortunate series of events start to happen for no apparent reasons.

🌟People who are affected by evil eyes are known for being those who wear gold jewellery, expensive clothing, own an expensive property etc etc as it is a sign that the person is prospering.

Unfortunately, this is believed to also attract “evil eyes” from envious people around which cannot be avoided.

A Kaldi Haldi with you is strongly believed to dispel all the negative energies that are caused by Evil Eyes.

🔸️Kali Haldi Is believed to also attract wealth and bring prosperity to the family / business because it is also known as a form of Maha Lakshmi – 🕉Hindu Goddess of Wealth combined with the Powers of Maa Kali.

🔹️It is believed to be placed at the Wealth Corner or kept in the cash box / cash register etc etc.

🔸️It is believed that auspicious energies will attract more wealth and fortune from all directions.

🔹️In India, Kali Haldi is believed to also be used as a form of medication to cure certain illness and pains.

🔸️Kali Haldi is known for its natural Champhor like fragrance which is believed to bestow very strong and auspicious scent(sometimes it scents the whole house) during a certain period, especially on a Friday evening.

It is a phenomena, which science can’t explain, but this is believed to be one of the magical aspects of the Kali Haldi.

It may be carried around or placed at home on an Altar.

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Kali Haldi, Hindu Goddess of wealth. Black Turmeric, wealth fetching, Bring Prosperity For Family, Increase Of Business & Sales