Aura enhancing, Love Binding Minyak Mani Gajah Master Batch. Believed to be MOST EFFECTIVE FOR , strong charming, Opposite Gender Attraction, Salvage Relationships, Love Binding, this is our masterbatch known for having Twice the Powers.



🐘This is believed to be a very strong and Potent Attraction Oil called Mani Gajah.

Known to be Made using various occult ingredients from India, Thailand and Indonesia which were then combined together to create this Magical oil.

One of the main ingredients for making this oil is Mani Gajah (Nam Man Chang).

Mani Gajah is known to possess strong natural pheromones or “😘 hormone”.

When applied on the pulse points of the body, similar to roll on perfume the pheromone is known to circulate in the body and will be released through your body heat.

So, when the user is close to the opposite gender, he/she is believed to feel attracted to the user without them knowing why.

Spiritually Mani Gajah is believed to bestow the user with great charisma, magnetism and will bring pure enchantment and dominion against those whom the wearer wish to attract.

When applied along the eye brow, it is believed that the user will appear to be more charismatic, attractive and is known to possess a great aura of authority.

This pure enchanted Mani Gajah oil is further boosted with Babaji’s personally blended, Minyak Pengasih, which means “Charming Oil”, extracts from various types of herbs and flowers.

Babaji also added a few drops of scented perfume oil, so that it can also be used like a regular roll on perfume.

Other rare Tantric ingredients have also been added so that the oil is believed will have a lasting effect for the user. We would like to keep it as our trade secret.

This small bottle of oil is believed to be extremely strong and is believed to be very potent.

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**This pure enchanted Mani Gajah oil has been further empowered by- Aghoreshwar Babaji.

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Phra Pirab Occult Specialist

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