1.4 Carat Pigeon Blood Red Rholodite Garnet Khodamic Ring of the Ifrit Jinn of Love and Passions, believed to be excellent for Love Affairs, Passion, Attraction, Pleasures, Romance, Relationships, Charisma, Loving Kindness, Mercy and Much more.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After an Absence of Nearly 3 long Years, We would like to re-introduce to all of you, a brand new batch of Rings believed to be the
Khodamic Ifrit Jinns Ring Of Love and Desires.

This Khodamic Rings are made from our premium collection of Gemstones.

The Khodamic Gemstone before you here today is an Emerald Cut cut, 1.4 Carat, Unheated, Untreated Pigeon Blood Red Rholodite Garnet Gemstone from Sri Lanka.

For Such Clarity of Similar Gemstones such as the One we have here before you, the market Price is usually $600 upto 1.2k Usd a Carat depending on e clarity and Cut of the Gemstone.

Yet I have priced my Khodamic Ring complete with a 1.4 Pointer Gemstone at $300 as a promotion for my valued customers. You can go get the Gemstone checked out, no worries, it is exactly as what I’ve said it is. I, Babaji will Guranteed it.

The Gemstone itself has a nice Deep Rich Red Ruby Colour that is almost 3 Dimensional in its Eye Popping Clarity.

The Gemstone is set on a ring, made of 925 sterling silver.

I have at Present 4 Such Rings in totality and each is handcrafted very finely with the Greatest of Skills and Polished carefully by my Master Craftsmen.

Now to get back to the Entity Residing in this Khodamic Rings.

I am very pleased to re-introduce to you after nearly 3 years what is believed to be 4 Most Unique and Special Khodamic Rings with a powerful Dark Male Irfit Jinn known for Love and Desires Residing within.

I believe each of them of being Infernal Ifrits , they are powerful, sensual and passionate.

These Male Ifrits are believed to be truly rare, effective and priceless Khodams with incredible telepathic communication with and loyalty to their potential masters.

If you ask me how rare they are? Well I finally found 4 such Khodams after much effort after nearly 3 years of searching for them.

Of these Ifrit Jinns known for Bestowing Love and Desires,

It is believed that he the Ifrit Jinn will not hesitate to fulfill any desires of his owner, whatever it may be.

Within this Gemstone ring it’s believed that there resides a very powerful Ancient Male Ifrit Jinn that had been Conjured with the Greatest of Skills and Care by my comjurers after nearly 3 longs years of wait.

Ifrit Jinns are the most Powerful amongst the various tyoes of jinn and this is a Black Infernal Ifrit from the (**) Tribe.

The powers of this Khodam is believed to be unmatched and unlike any others we have previously carried 3 years ago due to the Gemstone being used now as well as the strength of each Individual we encountered.

These Infernal Ifrit Jinns are believed to be very powerful and are known to deal with Hard Wishes and Tasks easily.

It is Believed that this Ifrit will not judge you nor be like a snobby Girlfriend/ Wife who refuses to accommodate to your pleasures and desires, they are known to find a way come what may to help make your fantasies a reality.

It is believed to this Ifrit Jinn , it is irrespective of the fact that you may be a Bachelor or a married man or even a Lady who scores a same side goal, this Khodam is believed to not care or want to know nor pry into yr personal affairs. He is known to just be committed I’m helping the Owner fullfill their deepest darkest Desires as it may strike their fancy.

Hence I will say this Khodamic Rings are best suited for Adult Singles with no attachments who wish to have a good time while they are young and carefree and or Mature Responsible Adults who would like to settle down with a special someone and start a family but have had difficulties in getting to know a suitable someone whom would be attracted to them.

This Khodamic Ring of the Ifrit Jinn of Love and Desire is believed to have such a magnetic pull, that people are believed to be powerfully drawn towards the wearer unconsciously and very passionately.

It is Believed you will never be disappointed with This khodamic Ring of Love and desires Irfit Jinn.

Now let me tell you why I believe this to be so.

He is believed to also be able to bestow his owner with an extremely High level of Sexual Attraction making the owner look Sexier and more Irresistible to members of the Opposite Sex while at the same time it os believed he imparts great magnetism that will pull them towards the Owner, make them yearn to spend more time with the Owner of this Khodamic Ring.

It is believed of the Ifrit Jinn of Love and Desire, Whomsoever you had been intimate with, will miss those moments and can’t wait to spend more time with you, constantly missing and desiring to have more of the same experiences.

This Male Ifrit Jinn is believed to without any doubts or hesitation, aid and abet to fulfill all of your Ultimate Deepest Darkest Desires.

The Tribe of this Male Ifrit are believed to be the Specialists of Passion, Love, SXX, Lust, Relationships in the Jinn World. ( Name of Tribe will be revealed to the Owner. )

It is believed that Anything related to the Pleasures of the Body, Sensuality ,Sexuality, Love, Relationships, Desire and Seduction are the Trademark of this Ifrit Jinn.

Finally This Khodamic Ring also believed to bestow Wealth,Power and Self-confidence to the wearer by the Virtue of the Pigeon Blood Red Rholodite Garnet Gemstone itself which is considered most rare and hence Auspicious and Lucky according to Vedic Gemnology Beliefs as this type of Gemstone is believed to be made from the Blood Remains of the Great Hiranyakhashipu Demon who was known to be slain by Narayana. This Demon was believed to have absorbed all the Riches, Pleasures, Senses and Luck and Fortune within his Vast Body and into his Organs that apon his demise are believed to have turned into various Gemstones and Mystical Treasures.

The Male Ifrit Jinn of Love and Desires is also believed to influence and Obtain the Admiration of Others,

Protection for his Master,

Psychic abilities And More which we will not discuss here but rather that interested parties contact us to learn more.

Please pm me if interested.

For those who can scan, most welcome to do so.

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