Rian Phra Sangkacai “Taladplu Shrine” B.E. 2495 -2500 Chanted by LP Toh Wat Pradochimplee believed to be extremely effective for purposes of wealth fetching and luck


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Rian Phra Sangajai “Taladplu Shrine” made in B.E.2495-2500

Dear Brothers and Sisters, today we have a rare amulet Phra Sangajai/ Sankachai rian on offer for you chanted by Lp Toh Wat Pradochimplee and Lp Sodh Wat Paknam, arguably two of the Greatest Monks of Thailand of all time.

This Amulet was sourced by us with great effort is is believed to be more than 60 years old.

It was made for Taladplu Shrine in the year BE 2495 – 2500 to commemorate the Shine.

This Phra Sangajai Rian is Gold plated and Very nice condition given its age of more than 60 years, its cased up in micron gold casing for wearing by us.

This Amulet is believed to be extremely effective for purposes of wealth fetching and luck.

At the back are the Chinese words loosely translated to mean Everything lucky and or Everything Good.

Amulets chanted and blessed by Both Lp Toh and Lp Sodh Wat Paknam are known to be highly sought after by Amulet enthusiasts and Amulet collectors alike for their rarity and believed to be effaciousness.

Lp Toh and Lp Sodh Wat paknam Amulets are believed to be very powerful and effective due to the great meditation and high levels of samadhi powers these monks had.

Lp Toh Amulets have a saying which is known to the Amulet community as that each Amulet blessed by lp toh is more valuable than its weight in gold.

Phra Sangajai is believed to be the Buddha of Wealth and Prosperity and this Rian is believed to invite these qualities into the life’s of its Wearer.

This is a rarely seen Rian of Phra Sangajai that has been blessed by two legendary monks like Lp Toh and Lp Sodh Wat Paknam.

We have only 1 in stock , Once sold cannot be restocked as we had only chanced apon this rian after so many years of collecting.

Pls pm for price.

Guaranteed 100 percent 💯 genuine and Authentic with full refund if proven fake at any Samakom event.

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