Rian Hoonpayon Luang Phor Mian B.E 2560 believed to help to bring Good Luck to the owner, protect the owner’s Property and Wealth assets


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Rian Hoonpayon Luang Phor Mian B.E 2560

Luang Phor Mian is believed to be one of the Great Monks with very High Visha and Samadhi Powers in Modern Day Thailand. He is known to have consecrated very powerful amulets with many stories or Miracles associated with them. He is highly revered by Devotees who are known to swear by the efficacy of his amulets. This is one of the Amulets personally blessed by him. Highly Recommended.

HoonPayong are also known as One’s Spiritual “bodyguard”.

This version is known as the “Robot” Hoon Payon which is believed to have been given a new life and empowered by various arcane incantations and spells by Luang Phor.

This is not Not spirit based and it is believed to be very powerful as compared to spirit based Hoonpayong.

This Hoon payong is made to be in a resemblance of a Fierce Yaksha Deva.

This Design is First Inspired by Luang Phor after he is believed to have had a Visiom of a Great Yaksha Warrior coming down from Heaven and fighting against Evil Spirits and Negative Energies nearby. It is believed that Yaksha Warrior entity told Luang Phor he is sent to help Luang Phor protect the Dharma and Good People by serving as their Bodyguard in the Form of a Hoonpayong Warrior. That is why this Batch is believed to have been made.

This Hoonpayong Amulet is believed to be most Excellent for Power, Authority, Spiritual Protection against Attackers, Thieves, Robbers, Black Magic, Evil Spirits and all Danger.

The Hoonpayong Amulet is also known to block Black Magic and Curses.

The Hoonpayong is also believed to serve as a Bodyguard to protect the Owner from Evil Spirits and other harmful events like Accidents, Physical Attacks and even “Xiao ren” Backstabbers or People with ill intentions.

Do take note this type of Hoon Payong are known to be used to protect the owner’s Property and Wealth assets. They are believed to help to bring Good Luck to the owner.

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