Rajah Maleuun King Emerald, Ruby Gemstone Khodam Ring with Twin Ifriteen Goddesses, believed to be very good for Power, Authority, Protection, Clearing Xiaoren, Backstabbers, Attraction and much more.


Dear Brothers and Sisters, my humble greetings and salutations to all of you. I am Babaji, its been a while since I’ve posted any new write up, I’m sorry for that as I’ve been quite busy at the Shop with Rituals and New Old Amulet identification and Their Detailed Listings.
As some of you may know, Amulets are my First Love and I’ve already been deeply fascinated by them. I regret that I’ve neglected the posting of details for my Khodamic Rings.
Nevertheless today I am back with a very unique and fascinating listing.
I have before me a most Special Khodamic Gemstone Ring.
So the Gemstones used are two Zambian Emeralds and nice Deep Rich Red Coloured Burmese Star Ruby. The Zambian Emeralds are est to be about 2 Carats Each with the Burmese Star Ruby also being 2 Plus Carats. That makes it a total of 6 Carats plus of Nice Good Quality Gemstones used in this Khodamic Ring.
The Ring itself is made of 925 Silver and I must say the Design of the Ring is piece unique, the 3 Gemstones are laid out in a straight horizontal line and inlaid into the Bezel with 4 Prongs securing the Gemstones into the Bezel. Overall I think this is eye catching Ring for sure.
The Khodamic Entities that are believed to reside within this Ring are quite something else though.
It is believed that the Rich Red Coloured Burmese Star Ruby has a Rajah Maleuun Ifrit within.
The Two Emeralds are believed to host and reside within them, two Dark Ifriteen.
The Rajah Maleuun is believed to be the King 🤴 of all Maleuun Khodams.
He is known to have a character that is very intriguing, the Rajah Maleuun is believed in doing Tit For Tat, as you give, thus you shall receive. As the King of Maleuuns the Cursed One’s, he is quite laid and relaxed, by scanning him I realised he is shown sprawled back on a comfortable antique type of Mattess with detailed embroidery and stuffed with cotton like material. He had before him a Hookah, platters of Fruits and Exotic Foods I could not identify and Bronze Goblets filled with an Amber Coloured liquid within.
I believe I was given a cheeky smile and a nod of his head by this Rajah Maleuun King before he waved his hand and vanished.
The feeling I experienced was one of being safe and secure, yet there were some undertones of Repressed Power , Rage and Great Strength barely repressed.
My take away is that this Rajah Maleuun King is believed to be friendly and yet guarded. He is not believed to bother anyone or wish them harm unless angered and if angered I do believe his Wrath may be something no one can comprehend nor withstand.
I believe this Rajah Maleuun is one of the Most Formidable yet Beautiful Creatures I’ve glimpsed till date.
As King of Maleuun, his Owner is believed to be superbly protected against all all Misfortunes, Mishaps, Accidents Tragedies, Disasters both Natural and Unnatural.
This is known as the law of Preternatural Province, One is believed to be able to protect against what One is most capable of Doing.
So it is believed that if the Owner of this Rajah Maleuun is transgressed apon, Hell Hath No Fury Greater.
The Rajah Maleuun is believed to actively engage in Teaching and Guiding his Owner is learning and mastering Esoteric Knowledge so once again this is known to be an added advantage for the Owner.
As for the Two Dark Ifriteen I mentioned , when I attempted to communicate with them, I believe I saw Two Goddesses in that manner that I saw them dressed and their Regalia and from the Manner that they Carried themselves. I believe these are very intelligent beings, I saw them walking somewhere and they stopped and turned back as they sensed that they were being “scanned”. I saw flashes of Irritation cross their beautiful countenance at the intrusion but that annoyance was gradually replaced by a gentle smile when they must have sensed I was just doing my job and trying to secure for them a new Host and Owner. I believe these are very gentle Ifriteen though they are Dark and Capable of Great Things. They are believed to be extremely Loyal to the Rajah Maleuun King and hence by default they are believed to serve the Owner of the Maleuun devotedly and earnestly.
They are believed to reside in an Underworld Setting in a Huge Cavern complex with lighted Torches shedding light into an almost impenetrable darkness.
It is believed within Darkness resides also Some Goodness and not all Dark and Black things are Evil or by that Virtue bad. That is my , Babaji’s Belief.
It is believed that the Two Ifriteen Ladies are most excellent for ,
Manipulation of Senses and Emotions,
Charismatic Appeal and Personality,
Wealth Fetching and Abundance,
Prosperity and Endless Virtue.
However it is also believed they are able to dish out, Pain, Anguish, Remorse and Regret, Sorrow and Tears to infinity.
So what do I Babaji think about this Khodamic Ring? Would I recommend this? Is it safe?
Yes I believe this is very safe and user friendly for the Would be Owner, their family and loved ones. These Beings are believed to be capable of Great upmost Loyalty not seen in others, they are known to be dedicated and relentless. I would certainly recommend for those who are uncertain about their environment and are unable to distinguish between friends and Foes. Those who are in a position where backstabbers are around aplenty, or work in areas that are unsafe spiritually or physically.
It is believed these Khodamic Beings will directly communicate through the Pulsing of their Khodamic Ring when a Dangerous Situation arises or when there are individuals not to be trusted around.
It is also believed that the Owner need not fear from such persons or places because it is believed that he or she will be well protected against such things.
More details await the Owner.
I wish you all well.
Price: $600
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