Por Pan By Luang Phor Yen Wat Sraprian B.E 2535 believed to be most excellent for Protection, Spiritual Bodyguard, Wealth, Career Prevent Xiaoren, Remove the Evil Eye, Dhristi and repell Negative Energies and Entities


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Por Pan By Luang Phor Yen Wat Sraprian B.E 2535.

The Por Pan is believed to be a Spiritual Entity that very Similar to a HoonPayong but only significant stronger and more effective.

This Por Pan by Luang Phor Yen Wat Sraprian was made in the Year BE 2525 which is around 31 Years ago roughly.

There is known to be two distinct variations of the Por Pan By Luang Phor Yen, the White String Version and the Red String Version.

It is believed that the White String Version of Por Pan is very good for Wealth Fetching, Boosting Business, Sales, Trade, Commerce and for Increasing Revenue as well as for obtaining Promotions in one’s Career and for Climbing up the Ladder in Social Settings while the Red String Version is much more Protection Based and the Red String Version of Por Pan is believed to be a Very Formidable Spiritual Entity that is known to Defend the Owner and his Home and Family against any and all types of Threats, Mishaps, Accidents, Injuries, Misfortune, Negative Energies, Negative Entities and from all manner of Harm thst may be caused by Weapons. The Red String Version of the Por Pan is believed to be very powerfully effective for Matters related to Kongrappan ( Inpenetrability Invincibility ) Chatri, Klew Klaad ( Power of Evasion ), and Jang Garayanang ( Avoid Calamities ).

The Por Pan is a very rarely heard off Krueng Lang due to the fact very few monks today have the skill and knowledge to make such a Talisman.

it is believed that One Por Pan may have the Powers of a Thousand Hoonpayong.

The Ancient Art of Making effacious Por Pan maybe all but lost in the passage of time but thankfully we at ppos strive to find the rare and ultra special items and from time to time we get lucky enough to locate such gems.

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