Phra Somdej LP Tim Wat Rahanrai for Wat Kohloy B.E 2514

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Phra Somdej LP Tim Wat Rahanrai for Wat Kohloy B.E 2514

Made by Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lanhanrai

Year- B.E2514

Wat Lahanrai , Rayong Province

This Beautiful Somdej is very artistically and skillfully casted using the Mould Press method out of Lp Tims Special collection of 108 Holy Powder, Pong Puthamman, Lp Tim also used generous amounts of his trademark Pong Plai Ghu-marn Sacred Powder for this Batch of Amulet as well.

This is without any Doubt the most Stunning Piece of Somdej Buddha Amulet by LP Tim that we have seen in as many Years, its Beauty is appreciated only in person with exquisite details that come out or rather pops out when viewed in person. It is very well preserved for its age.

This Somdej Buddha Amulet is believed to be most excellent for

– Metta (Popularity and be Well Liked by Everyone)

– Boosting your Luck, Wealth and Business/Sales, Windfall

– Remove Obstacles

– Change your Bad luck to Good Luck

– Success in Every Aspect of Life

– Smooth Sailing in Life and Career

– Always be blessed to be Lucky and Fortunate and Attracts Windfall and Good Fortune from All Directions

– All Rounder Comprehensive Protection from Harms and Evils

– Be Blessed with and Increase in Social Status and Climb higher in Rank in Your Profession and Career

Amulets made by Lp Tim are known to be very hard to find and are extremely rare due to the great miracles attributed to them. They are mostly in private collection.

Full refund if found fake at the highest level of scrutiny from Samakom. We are very confident of this Amulet.

Pls pm us your best offer. Only 1 in stock.

We have only 1 piece in stock.

If We can have only One Amulet from Lp Tim to both Treasure and Wear which is still affordable then This is definitely Worth Considering.

Pls pm if interested to own this piece.

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