Phra Rahu Kruba Ariyachat Wat Sangkaew Phothiyan B.E 2557 Believed to Eat Away Bad Luck, Avert Misfortunes, Remove Obstacles, Prevent Xiaoren and Backstabbers and Ensure Smooth Sailing in Life, Increase Good Luck and Fortune.


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Phra Rahu Kruba Ariyachat Wat Sangkaew Phothiyan B.E 2557.

Kruba Ariyachat is believed to be a Monk with High levels of Cultivation in present Times and is known for making effacious Amulets with lots of reviews about his Amulets on Social Media, he is an up and coming Monk with his Amulets known to be in great demand. Highly recommended by us.

Phra Rahu is believed to eat away One’s Bad Luck and Misfortune, Overcome Obstacles in Life , Known to ensure smooth Sailing in life and Career.

Already wrapped in a Beautiful Micron Gold Ccasing.

Phra Rahu is an astrological deity who is often depicted as a demon swallowing the the sun and the moon.

In Thailand, it is believed that Rahu can eat away your bad luck and change your luck from bad to good. During the bad periods of time , people would pray to Phra Rahu to change their fate.

In other words, Phra Rahu is also believed to be very good at preventing backstabbers or “Xiao ren” from harming us and affecting us and helps the wearer avoid office “politics” especially in work place or social circles.

This Phra Rahu amulet is also very well known for bringing good luck and increasing the wearer’s wealth as Phra Rahu helps to eat away our bad luck and the one eye coconut is believed to dispel negative energies thus ensuring the wearer will always be very lucky and positive

Believed to be Excellent for Power, Authority, Clearing bad luck, Overcome Enemies, neutralise Backstabbers and p
Protection from all types of Danger.

Not many people would know that the popular deity Phra Rahu who is widely worshipped and is commonly depicted as the severed head of a Giant clutching the Sun is actually an Asura called Svarbhānu.

Phra Rahu is one of the navagraha (nine planets) in Vedic astrology and is paired with Ketu. Together they are one of the most formidable planetary deities in the Navagraha. Obtaining their favour is believed to help a person attain great success.

The other name of Phra Rahu is Bhayanaka. ( The Fiercesome ) due to his terrifying visage with which he is known to frighten away Negative Energies, Bad Luck , Evil Spirits and Misfortunes.

Phra Rahu is also worshipped by devotees to change bad luck or a unlucky time period into a good one with good luck and fortune. Phra Rahu is known to have the ability to change a persons fate and is believed to change Misfortune into great Good Fortune if worshipped sincerely.

Phra Rahu is also recomended for those subjected to office politics and is believed to prevent backstabbers and xiaoren helping the wearer avoid politics in the workplace and social circles.

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