Phra Pidta Ruay Than Jai with rooster Made by LP Solot, Wat Khok Uthong, Prachinburi province


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Phra Pidta Ruay Than Jai with rooster

Made using LP Solot’s signature Satta Bongkoch holy powder
Made by LP Solot, Wat Khok Uthong, Prachinburi province
Year B.E.2555 (C.E.2012)

This powerful Phra Pidta amulet made using Satta Bongkoch (holy powder) mixed with powder from old amulets.

Size of amulet: 2.5 cm x 3 cm

LP Solot created and strongly blessed Phra Pidta Ruay Than Jai amulet on am auspicious day by himself.

Phra Pidta Ruay Than Jai with rooster amulet by LP Solot is well known in Thailand and abroad because it can bring wealth, good luck and business to its worshippers.

Additionally, this powerful Phra Pidta amulet is known as one of the best of its kind for complete protection against all types of dangers,
negative energies and harm due to the Diamond armour Shield yantra engraved at the back which is known as the yant kropetch.

This is known as one of the most powerful protection yantras ever made and is a very powerful and popular sakyant design as well.

There is temple code stamped at the rim of amulet to prevent the reproductions of fake amulets due to the immense popularity this particular amulet ; many fakes were made.

What we have is the original and Authentic amulet which the temple code at the base which can be clearly seen.

Guaranteed Authentic

Biography of LP Solot

LP Solot was born on 25 March B.E.2457 (C.E.1914) at Prachinburi province. LP Solot was ordained as Buddhist monk when he was 20 years old at Wat Khok Uthong.

After ordination, LP Solot studied the magic and meditation from many top monks such as LP Jard of Wat Bangkrabao,

LP Aoun of Wat Nong Phub, LP Wan of Wat Khao Wongthamphra, LP Seng of Wat Prajuntakham, LP Eia of Wat Ban Dan and other.

LP Solot passed away on 5 November B.E.2555 (C.E.2012) while he was 98 years old.

It is said that when LP Solot was alive he was highly revered due to his immense spiritual powers and he was said to be able to control the weather and the elements.

He could make it rain, shine or cause stong winds to blow at his command.

It is said he was blessed by the Devas with strong powers due to their reverence for his meditative powers and holy and moral life that he led.

Lp Solot amulets are always in great demand and their prices have soared sky high after his passing and any amulet made and blessed by
Lp Solot personally is deemed worth having by all serious amulet collectors.

We have only 2 amulets in stock.

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