Phra Nak Prok “Koon Pan Lan” LP Koon Wat Banrai B.E 2536


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Phra Nak Prok “Koon Pan Lan”

LP Koon

Wat Banrai

B.E 2536

Phra Nak Prok, Means Buddha Protected by Naga , and is known as the buddha image for those born on Saturday.

“Naga” is the name used for a deity, taking the form of a very great snake.

Among the notable nagas of Buddhist Tradition, is Mucalinda, protector of the buddha.

Buddha is meditating in a forest when a great storm arose, but graciously Naga King Mucalinda gave shelter to the Buddha from the storm, by covering the Buddha’s head with his 7 snake heads.

The wearer is believed to have this effect of the Phra Nak Prok

– Improve One’s Metta / Maha Niyom. Abilities like Interpersonal
Relationships, Loving Kindness and Compassion by others.

– Known to bring Great Luck & Wealth to the Worshipper.

– Known to greatly Increase luck

– Believed to Improve The Worshippers Business / Sales and will Attract New Opportunities to Generate More Income and Financial Growth.

– Known to Attract & Accumulate Good Fortune and Blessings.

– Worshippers have been known to be blessed with Smooth Sailing Careers and a Trouble Free Life.

– Known to Bless the Worshipper with Success In Business

These are to name a few out of the many Auspicious and Divine Blessings Phra Nak Prok confers onto Worshippers.

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