Phra Kring Amulet By Phrakhru Panyawimol, Wat Dao Rueang , Singburi is believed to bestow Good Health, Longevity, Prevent Illness & Diseases


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Phra Kring Amulet By Phrakhru Panyawimol (Luang Phor Paeo)

Wat Dao Rueang , Singburi

Be 2555

The Late Luang Phor Paeo is the disciple of Famous Luang Phor Guay

At the age of 20 he has started practicing and learn wicha.

LP Paeo Amulet is believed to bring Prosperity, Wealth and good luck to wearer.

Phra Kring is the Buddha for Medication and is normally worshiped for Good Health and Longevity.

Phra Kring amulet is worn mainly for

– Good Health

– Prevent Illness & Diseases

– Cure Diseases or Chronic Illness

– Longevity (long life)

Apart from just good health, Phra Kring can also be worn for Metta, Loving Kindness, Popularity and Luck!

Phra Kring amulet is very good for protection as well. Apart from the car accident case, there was also another case of a house collapse and the only survivor was rescued from the savage was wearing this same amulet.

Phra Pirab Occult Specialist

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