Phra Khun Paen Yodkhunpon Luang Phor Toon Wat Phonimitr B.E 2527 believed to be Excellent for Love Binding, Love Attraction, Salvage Relationships, Charisma, Interpersonal Relationship, Romances,


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B.E.2527 Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Phon Amulet

From: LP Toon, Wat Phonimit, Bangkok

Year made: B.E.2527 (C.E.1984)

Material : This Splendid Amulet created from Tin alloy.

Size of amulet: 3.2 cm x 5.5 cm

It is believed that LP Toon created and intensively blessed the Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Phon Amulet with a special consecration process that is known to produce a very powerful Khun Paen Mahasaneh Visha Magic which is believed to be imbued within this Batch of Amulets.

It is believed that the Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Phon amulet by LP Toon is very effacious for Charming Power, Attraction, Charismatic Personality, Wealth Fetching, Windfall Luck, Good Luck and Fortune. It is also believed to be good for Business and Sales, Trade and Commerce and is known to Bestow one with a Smooth Sailing and Trouble Free Life as well.

There are numerous good reviews for the late Lp Toon amulets on Social Media over the years and Lp Toon Amulets are believed to be highly regarded within the Amulets Community.

An Added bonus here in this Phim of Phra Khun Paen is the adding of the Guman Thong Image in front of amulet that is believed to reside the Heavenly Spirit of the Gumanthong and additionally there are various holy Yants at the back of the amulet which is believed to increase the powerful effects of this Khun Paen.

A brief Biography of LP Toon:

LP Toon was born on 13 July B.E.2453 (C.E.1910) in Suphanburi province.

LP Toon was ordained on 27 June B.E.2473 (C.E.1930) at Wat Anongkharam, Bangkok by LP Nuam who is believed to have been his preceptor.

LP Toon studied is known to have studied various arcane magic and meditation techniques with LP Nuam at Wat Anongkharam for a long time. Over Time Lp Toon is known to have become highly regarded as a Good and Miraculous Monk with very High levels of Cultivations and there was numerous reports of Devotees who escaped unharmed from serious accidents and Mishaps as they were wearing Amulets made by Lp Toon.

LP Toon is known passed away on 25 May B.E.2535 (C.E.1992) while he was 82 years old.

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