Phra Hanuman Loop by Luang Phor Moon Wat Baanjarn for Wat Suthat B.E 2543 believed to be for Victory & Success in Everything, Wealth, Prosperity and Protection.


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Phra Hanuman

Luang Phor Moon Wat Baanjarn for Wat Suthat

B.E 2543

Phra Hanuman is believed to be for Victory & Success in Everything.

This amulet depicts a a very powerful image of Lord Hanuman in the Ramayan Epic where he battles and defeated a very powerful demon who was sent by Ravan to stop him from obtaining a special herb from a river to save Lakshman. This image shows Hanuman subduing the demon with his trishul pointing towards him – this image is known to strongly represent (Victory over enemies), (to conquer any obstacles) and (success in any battle)

When we mention victory over enemies and to conquer obstacles, this is according to the battles of the Ramayan Epic. As modern day laymen, we also have our own enemies and obstacles to overcome – which are financial difficulties, career prospect, business competitors, “xiao ren” or people intend to cause harm and everyday obstacles hence this amulet is believed to greatly help to overcome these problems with the blessings and guidance of Lord Hanuman.

This amulet is also believed to protect the wearer from enemies, bestow power of authority to subdue an enemy, power to command respect and be invulnerable from injuries caused by any type of weapons.

This amulet is believed to bestow the wearer with great protection from any harm or danger be it physically or spiritually, bring success and victory to the wearer in every walks of life.

Lord Hanuman is Known to be a very powerful Hindu deity who devoted to Phra Rama, those who worship Hanuman or wears his image are believed to be blessed with so much strength, confidence, bravery and courage to overcome any problems or obstacles.

Hanuman is also known as the conqueror of all 9 planets (navagraha) which can have a great influence on one’s life. Having a negative influence can cause one to have bad luck. Wearing a hanuman amulet is known to help the wearer to be “immune” from such negative astrological effect.

Those who carry an image of Hanuman or worships him are believed to not be affected by any black magic or get spiritual disturbance.

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