Phaya Jin Cheok Luang Ta Lek known for bestowing good luck, riches, improving one’s financial gain compassion, loving kindness from others.


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Phaya Jin Cheok

B.E 2560

Luang Ta Lek

Jin Cheok lizard are considered to be very auspicious in Thai and Hindu culture as it represents wealth and fortune. In Thailand, it is believed that having a Jin Cheok in the house will to bring good luck, riches and sudden windfall to the family.

This amulet has Chok Lap – Maha Lap yants inscribed on it for good windfall Luck.

An excellent amulet for those who wish to improve financially, which Meant for bringing good luck, attracting money and sales, good business ect.

This special Jin Cheok charm is made using powdered clay that is saturated from magical sedge water and Nur Wahn Roy Ped (108 magical herbs) Embedded with 9 rolled gold takut that are inscribed with sacred spells that are meant for Wealth Fetching and Maha Saneh (Charm & Attraction towards opposite gender)

The Jin Cheok charm is very powerful animist effigy that is one of the many magical creatures in Himalayan Mythology.

The magic of Jin Jeok has been adopted by the Thais for hundreds of years. During the olden days, magical Jin Jeok charms are tattooed onto the body.

Common ones are Two Jin Jeok in a mating positing for attraction, Jin Jeok bite money bag for wealth fetching and many more.

Till today, Jin Jeok are still popular in Thailand for two reasons, charm and wealth.

This amulet is meant to be worn for strong opposite gender attraction and also recommended for those who are doing sales/business as it helps confers great Metta Maha Niyom (Compassion and loving kindness) so that the wearer can close a deal easily and earn his/her commision.

This amulet will not only make the wearer appear very attractive, it can also help the wearer gain compassion from others, loving kindness and increase one’s Wealth luck.

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