Nang Phaya

1st batch from LP Hok of Wat Thakam, Songkhla Province

These rare NPY amulets are made of the same batch of materials as his 2nd batch Phra Leela made a few years earlier

LP Hok was most famous at that time for making 2 batches of Phra Leela.

This Amulet is most excellent for enjoying all round Metta, attaining power, career success at the workplace, helps to overcome all obstacles in life, be bestowed with the 6th sense and protection from all kinds of dangers.

Consecrated in 2510 (1967).

100% Authentic from temple

LP Hok created this Powerful Phra Nang Phaya Buddha Amulets using the following materials

“Phong Itthijay” (holy powder),

“Phong Yant Hau Jai 108” (holy powder),

“Wahn 108” (108 herbs), pollen of charm flowers and other sacred materials

LP Hok created the Phra Nang Phaya amulet to help protect people from all types of harm and bad things in life.

Moreover, LP Hok donated the money from amulets made to restore and develop the temple.

Ceremony: LP Hok strongly blessed this First Batch of Phra Nang Phaya Amulets for a long time for one by one.

Moreover, LP Hok held grand ceremony to bless this batch of Phra Nang Phaya amulets again with top monks around south of Thailand such as “LP Seekaeo of Wat Saiyai”, “LP In of Wat Kao Bok” and others.

The first Batch Phra Nang Phaya Amulet by LP Hok has several great powers such as protecting the worshiper from dangerous situations such as attacks by weapons, black magic spells and Gong Tau attempts, ghost and evil spirit attacks, sudden accidents.

Additionally this powerful Phra Nang Phaya Buddha amulet can watch over your home.

By the way, Lp Hok Phra Nang Phaya amulets have been proven over the Years to bring luck, wealth and good business to worshipers.

Lp Hok’s first batch of Phra Leela amulets are now selling in excess of $1400 SGD and Lp Hok’s amulets are considered on par with Lp Jerm’s amulets as well.

A brief Biography of LP Hok:

LP Hok was born on B.E.2433 (C.E.1890) in Songkha province.

LP Hok was ordained at Wat Khuan Pen, Phatthalung province.

LP Hok liked to practise meditation in deep forests and LP Hok studied Ancient Boran Wicha magic systems and deep vipassana meditation since he was young way before his ordination.

Phra Leela, Phra Nang Phaya and Lp Phra Pathiharn Amulets made by LP Hok is very well known in Thailand as well as to foreign Collectors as well.

LP Hok passed away on B.E.2524 (C.E.1981) while he was 91 years old.

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