Mae Nang Phim Amulet, Luang Phor Up (Wat Tong Sai) in year BE 2556 believed to be extremely effective for Granting wishes, Wealth, Windfall Luck, Increase Charm & Attraction


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Special Batch, Hand Written Yant & Takrut ! Single Piece !

LP Up Mae Nang Phim – Wat Tongsai

With Hand written Yant by LP Up,


Material: this powerful amulet is known to have been made from the soils such as:

1. Soil from 7 slat earth places
2. Soil from 7 water sides
3. Soil from 7 fields
4. Soil from 7 Resting Places
5. Soil from 7 anthills
6. Soil from 7 markets
7. Soil from 7 cities

This batch was blessed by LP Up for 1 phansa (3 months) and 3 consecration ceremonies including one with LP Yeam Wat Sam Ngam.

From: LP Up, Wat TongSai, Nakornpathom province.

Many years ago when devotees were new to Mae Nang Phim, they asked “What is the purpose or benefit of praying to Mae Nang Phim ?”

The response from Luang Phor is known to have been “how much love does a mother have for their children ? When you think about this question, you will know the answer!” That’s the Benefits it is believed MNP is believed to bestow and grant her Worshippers whom she is known to regard as her Own Children.

MNP is believed to Bestow the following blessings,

Windfall and Speculative Luck

Prosperity and Abundance

Wealth and Good Health

Peace and Harmony

Loving Kindness and Popularity

Attraction and Charming Ability

Protection and Shielding from all Dangers and Bad Things,

And much more

Biography of LP UP:

LP Up or PhraAThiGan Gasem KemMaJaRo was born on the 12th August 1921. LP Up was ordained at the age of 20 at Wat TungNoi. After LP had lived at Wat TongSai for 9 years, LP UP did a pilgrim (Tudong) and lived at Wat WangChado for 2 years until 1965 he came back to Wat TongSai again.
LP Up is a knowledgeable monk that learned many different types of Wicha subjects from many past gurus.

LP Up use all the Wicha subjects he learned to consecrate Mae Nang Phim over the years. So what LP Up would do is that, he would integrate or combine all the Wicha subjects he learned over the years into the original MNP wicha subject to further enhance it’s power.

Over the years, MNP and other amulets of LP Up have gain fame after it is believed his amulets caused miracles and good experiences were encountered by wearers from Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

The masters that Luang Pu Up learn and study Wicha are as follows ………

1. Phra Lek, the elder monk who studied the art of Takrud Pho Kup. Phra Lek went to study Wicha Takrut Pho Kup from Luang Pho Kham, Wat Don Sai, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province. This course is one of the important subjects which Luang Por rarely does to anyone. Since a year can only do 9 takruts and must be made of sheets of silver and gold only. (When Luang Pu Up go to study this course from Ratchaburi He rode a horse to study Until the horse that He rode died by itself)

2. Luang Pho Noi, Wat DharmaSala Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, studied the subject of occult characters (Lek Yant)And also received another book of talisman from Luang Pho Noi of Dharamshala Temple

3. Luang Pho Chaem, Takong Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, study the Wicha Lek Yant to write the numbers on the tiles. And put it in the middle of the land to sell, etc. Wicha for easy sale of land,

4. Luang Pho Chong, Wat NaTang Nok Temple, Ayutthaya Province, Studying Vipassana Meditation And various occult characters Water element Takrud Techniques Which is very strong in Metta Maha Niyom.

5. Luang Pho Hom, Wat Nong Suea Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, studied the subject of making herbal oil, combining bone and tendon. Which Luang Por Hom is a disciple of Luang Por Juan Reverend Father Juan is Luang Pu Yim’s disciple, Nong Bua Temple, Kanchanaburi Province.

6. Luang Pho Boi, Wat Manao Temple, Suphanburi Province. Mainly on Vipansana Meditation and guidance for tudong (forest dwelling) practice.

7. Kalawat KongSuk (Chinese layman master) study of holy water making, withdrawal of items (clearing black magic), etc ….Is lineage of LP Suk Wat Pak Klong MakamTao, and LP Suk said to KongSuk that if he pass the Wicha to next person, then he will soon die. Lp Up stay Gungsuk for 6 years till he obtain the ultimate Wicha, surprisingly Kongsuk pass away 1 month after passing the Wicha to LP Up at the age of 90!

There are still many teachers who do not mention their names that LP Up learn Wicha from.

Note …. Reference information comes from Phra Ajahn Phra Palad Kwanchai Sujitto, the current abbot of Wat TongSai.

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