Lp Leua Locket BE2555 (2012)

Personally wrote on silver yant by Lp Ler himself is to boost wealth and luck for wearer.

Master: LP Ler, Wat Gon Cha Ngok

Material: Auspicious white powder at the back of the amulet.

Size: 3.9 cm height x 3.1 cm width

For those who want a powerful amulet, this is the one amulet

– It is known for Metta (Popularity and be well liked by everyone)

– Known to Boost your luck, wealth and business/sales

– Known to Remove obstacles

– Known to Change your bad luck to good

– Believed to bring Success in every aspect of life

– Known for Smooth sailing in career

– Believed to attract luck and attract windfall from all directions

-Believed to be an all rounder protection from harm and evil

– Known to improve your social status and climb higher in rank especially in your profession

Many more benefits are known to improve one’s life.

We went up to Thailand personally to find Lp ler to get this powerful amulet.

Lp Ler had also further blessed all the amulets intensively upon chowing from him.

Due to lp’s fame for famous in takruts and good reviews from devotees, his holy items are in demand due to they are personally made by lp Ler himself.

LP Ler learnt many old magic subjects for making effective Takruts from LP Salat, & was made famous during one chanting ceremony at Wat Pradoosongtam.

During the ceremony, LP chanted and the holy water in front of him start spinning in the tank & eventually the tank exploded.

Currently, LP Ler is highly respected as the 2nd LP Kalong in Thailand. LP’s Takruts are famous in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & China.

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