Khun Paen White Phim, LP Pae Wat Pikulthong 1st Batch B.E. 2522 believed to bestows good charm, attraction, luck and Wealth Attraction.


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Phra Khun Phaen White Phim 1st Batch BE 2522, Lp Pae, Wat Pikulthong

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Maker of this Amulet , LP Pae was a very famous and highly respected monk whose Popularity and Name reached as far away as China and Hong Kong, not to mention the Western World as well.

In Thailand, LP Pae was very well-known and Wat Pikulthong was always crowded daily with many visitors.

Acknowledging his Popularity is the fact that out of thousands of Eminent Monks, in the year BE2539 (1995), there are only 59 monks invited to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the throne of His Majesty King Rama IX and LP Pae was one of them.

It is believed that LP Pae gained much popularity in Hongkong after the miraculous accident encountered by the famous superstar Jackie Chan (movie Project A – where Jackie fell and survived from a very high storey -clock tower during shooting yet escaped unscathed with little to no injuries).

About Khunpaen LP Pae 1st Batch 2522.

This is the One and Only Batch of Khunpaen Amulets made by LP Pae.

Fully blessed with Great power of Jinapanjara Katha and mixee with many holy / sacred material. LP Pae stopped making Khun Phaen amulets after this Batch due to the many stories that started circulating about young men in Singburi and other provinces who used this Batch of Phra Khunpaen amulets to attract and bewitch young ladies by scraping the Amulet to collect some Powder Dust and then feeding them with same mixed in the food or drinks with all such cases meeting with great success.

After heard these stories of how his Khun Phaen Amulets were being Misused, LP Pae decided there and then to stop making any further Khunpaen amulets.

This 1st Batch of Phra khunpaen Amulet is known to be still very famous in Thailand and highly sought after by many young men who believed if they can get their hands on the original piece then it would help them to get attention from girls, while others believed that this may be used for very successful business sales.

We have 1 in stock.

This Write up may be copied or reproduced freely by anyone who wishes to use it as our way of paying Respect to the Late Lp Pae.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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