Hoon Phayong Mitmor LP Kloy (Wat Pukaotong), Pattalung province Alpaka Tong Kaw Sacred Metal


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Hoon Phayong Mitmor

Maker : Late LP Kloy (Wat Pukaotong), Pattalung province

Batch : 2556 (2013)

Material : Alpaka Tong Kaw Sacred Metal

Special Mitmor spiritual knife with LP Kloy’s signature Hoon Phayong (Bodyguard) in red string.

Very rare in the market right now as LP kloy has passed away and its hard to find Hoon Phayong or Mitmor blessed by LP Kloy personally.

The Mitmor is a spiritual knife that is infused with the 5 weapons of Lord Indra (lord of the devas),
Phra Taowessuan (king of yakshas), Phra Yom (lord of death), Alavaka (rakshas) and Phra Narai (Lord Vishnu).

Mitmor is a very powerful tool to ward away evil spirits and its widely used in Thailand by masters to conduct exorcism or blessings.

Mitmors also bestow the owner with supernatural protective qualities like
invulnerability against sharp weapons and ability to avoid dangers, even be invisible from enemies.

Mitmor should always be treated with respect as it is believed that there is always a deva (divine being) that
resides in the blade to protect and look after its owner. Can even provide spiritual guidance.

As for the Hoon Phayong that is attached to this Mitmor, its sole purpose is to serve as a bodyguard
for the owner, protecting the owner and even the property.

This Mitmor can make holy water to be sprinkled around the house or a person that
is being affected by spiritual beings simply by taking clean water and using the Mitmor to stir the water while reciting a Katha.

That water can also be consumed by those who are having sickness for fast recovery. Much more can be said.

Proper method of care will be taught upon purchase.

Comes with original temple box.

Please PM us if interested, highly collectible.

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