Dear Brothers and Sisters, allow me to introduce the following Amulet called the 9 Tail Fox Spirit Deity.

Made by Mae Lersi Pakkinee in BE 2552 ( 14 Years Old )

“The 9 Tails Fox  amulets are known to be made following Thailand Buddhist magic and were created by by many Arjahns and Luang Phors.

The Mindfulness meditation Powers of the monk or Arjahn who is able to travel to the realms where these Spirits and Deities reside will communicate and make agreements with the with these Spirits and Deities.

The Nine Tails Fox Spirit is believed to be an old Legendary Powerful Spirit known in Thailand, Indian, Chinese and Japan Mythology.

They are believed to be very intelligent beings and are known to possess many magical abilities.

The more tails the Fox Spirit has, the older, wiser, and more powerful it is believed to be

In some stories it is said that a fox will only grow an additional tail when it has lived for 1000 years.  When a fox grows its ninth tail, its fur becomes golden or white.

These nine-tailed fox spirits are then believed to gain the abilities to see and hear anything happening anywhere in the world. The nine-tailed fox spirit is depicted as Spirit of good fortune whom is sent by the heavens.

They are seen as a sign of Good Fortune, Peace and Luck.

In certain royal dynasties, the Nine Tails Fox Spirit is also the protector of the royal Bloodlines.

The 9 Tails Fox Spirit is the highest State of Cultivation of the Fox Deity.

Nowadays, there are many Fox Deities enshrined in China, Taiwan, Japan (known as Inary Deity), Hong Kong and others.

It is believed there are many experiences of Superstars who by worshipping the 9 Tail Fox Spirit have become more attractive, enjoyed Good Luck and became Wealthy.

The Nine Tails Fox Spirit is believed to possess very strong Magical Powers and is known to be very willing to make a displays of her Powers.

This  9 tail fox spirit is believed to help with Attracting and Gathering 9 differents kind of Blessings as follows,

Love and Attraction ,

Windfall Luck and Speculative Luck,

Boost one’s Money and Wealth luck.

It is believed that if one suffers from ailing finances due to economic recession resulting in Investment Losses, Declining Assets, loss of Wealth, Joblessness and Deteriorating Business Progress and Trade,

This 9 tail fox spirit amulet is believed to set your Fortunes right again so that you can regain whatever you have lost.

It is believed your financial difficulties will be reversed into a state of positive cash flow, meaning if anyone owes you money, you are believed to be able to get it back easily as well. Whatever losses you had made, you will be able to recoup these losses as well.

The 9 tail fox Spirit is famously believed to also help in Love and Attraction, Salvaging Relationships, Reconciliation etc. This Amulet is believed to be able to hypnotise both the Opposite Gender or Same gender person into loving the person again and also ensuring that they faithful to him/her.

This amulet is believed to be able to be used to initiate a new love affair, spice up your existing love life and boost up one’s marriage luck.

It is believed due to the Great Enchanting Beauty of the Female Fox Spirit , She is known to definitely make the wearer appear much more attractive than before, thus inviting many future lovers and friends into the life of the Wearer.

Today, almost all Thai amulet enthusiasts seek to own at least one of This Blessed 9 tail fox spirit amulet so that they may be blessed with Good fortune, Divine Protection, Good Health, Great Wealth, Much Prosperity, Victory over Foes, enemies and Xiaoren, enjoy a lot of Windfall Luck.

Made by Mae Lersi Pakkinee in BE 2552 , this amulet is believed to be 14 Years Old .

Mae Lersi Pakkinee is believed to be a very able and skilled Lersi who is has gained a high level of Cultivation and is highly experienced in making 9 Tail Fox Spirit Deity Amulets with alot of reviews from Devotees over the years. I highly recommend this Amulet.

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